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Monday, July 11, 2005

Rove Chatter

Rove is the source/leak/criminal.

Now there is lots to be discussed about this article and well I ain't gonna point to anylinks the left is pretty handy at dishing it out on Rove so really all you have to do is hit up Atrios for discussion points.

The big picture here is that it is no longer a mystery as to wether or not the leak was a crime. It is pretty explicit that Valerie Plame was undercover at the time of the leak. But that is besides the point. Once undercover it takes quite a while and quite a process to get out of cover. For not only is your life in danger should you be outed as a CIA agent, but your "assets" in other countries are also in danger. So blowing the cover of a currently under cover CIA agent is treason. That is a rather serious crime.

And anyone involved with this is supposed to go to jail. Any accesory to this crime should also go to jail. Now Judy Miller is already in jail. Rove really looks like he is on his way to jail, and if Rove is Bush's right hand man, best buddy and pal. I doubt the president can be completely ignorant of the whole situtation. Does that mean the President should be roped into this investigation? Only time will tell.

One thing that is bothersome is how secretive this whole thing is. I have heard and grandiose stories comming from grand juries in the past I just know I have. So it is commendable that they have been able to keep most things secret about the case itself. Particularly given the level of nervousness the media has over some of their own going to jail. Keep on prosecutin til ya find da truth.