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Thursday, July 07, 2005

Don't drop the soap!

Judy miller has gone to jail, and there seem to be many good reasons why (including the possibility of being the leak herself). Karl Rove on the other hand seems to be the source (or something like it) for Matt Cooper's story.

Now, if Rove is the source, then he committed a crime and should go to jail. After all isn't that what his investigation is all about? Judy may have gone to jail for contempt of court. However, Rove should he be the leaker and as such the committer of the actual crime being investigated here, thusly should go to jail.

This would be a momentus occasion, however, like other mob bosses in the past, I am sure he will still be able to handle his business from the inside. Once can only hope that he gets sent away to a jail full of liberals who are politically astute enough to know what he has done in the past. However, I highly doubt it.

Karl, (and I guess Judy fo that matter) don't drop the soap.