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Friday, July 08, 2005

Darwinism at its best

Digby got some decent mileage out of this post. He recreates a poll performed by TNR in which the biggest social Darwinists (ie. conservative intelligencia) are asked about wether or not they believe in Darwinism and or Intelligent Design.

These are the folks who are all about unbridled Capitalism a system fully based in Darwinian ideals yet when it comes to biological Darwinism you get answers like
Norman Podhoretz, Commentary (via email)

Whether he personally believes in evolution: "It's impossible to answer that question with a simple yes or no."

I have to agree, the question is stupid. I would ask something more like, "Do you think Evolution is a viable Scientific Theory?"

It is this belief business again.

And even so, lets stick with the belief of theory. Why isn't the exhistence of God considered a theory? The reason Evolution is a theory is because we do not have all the information regarding all the evolutionary lines known to this planet. So in essence there is still missing evidence.

God is no difference. I don't remember anybody proving God's exhistence. The only place that is documented is in the bible and in the Vatican or places like it which happen to have a vested interest in surviving off of such "miraclulous evidence." There is however many scientific methods of observing Darwinian occurences in nature. Not so with God occurences.

So the next poll TNR should run on these guys should start with, "Do you believe in the Theory of God?"

Then ask the rest of your questions and follow them with, "If so Why?"

Of course the poetic justice in all of this would be that Darwin's theory is more fit for survival than any other concocted idea that somehow miraculously grows legs, even in the minds of wanton humans such as these.