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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Your Democratic Party

Wankers the whole lot of them. This is why I feel I have to either stay home or vote green. This is simply bullshit. Democrats it seems would rather have the President spy on us so that the Republicans won't call them "weak on national defense" than prop up a genuine tough guy who came pretty close to taking down a Republican in a Republican district.

I say stop donating to Democrats. Really, just stop it. I wonder how Kos feels about this? Hackett was a total product of the netroots/base. The Democrats are alienating "the base" the Democrats are putting career politicians ahead of the little guy. The Democrats are still in the minority, and Iraq is the major issue of the campaign, they don't know this.

This is simply dispicable and worthy of the netroots shitting upon the Democratic party for it.

Write to Harry Reid and Chuck Schumer and tell them their machinations are unwelcome particularly in lieu of the fact that they bungle every single opportunity they have to actually make us the base happy.