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Friday, January 27, 2006

Bizzaro World

Think Progress points out that Matt Lauer and Katie Couric work very hard to make a lie become the truth. It amazes me.

Howard Dean says "Not one dime of money from Jack Abramoff went to a Democrat." Which is factually, and yes Matt Lauer, technically, true. Its simply true. Like truthiness only truer.

They allow republicans to lie without recourse. Yet if a Democrat tells the truth, alarms ring, bells whistle, sirens wail, and spinning strobe lights flash. Bring out the Republican Talking Point Spin Machine Fact Checker Checker. Let us see if the Democrat told the truth!

Dammit he did...

Let's make it so that he did so only "technically."

Though behavior like this should never be considered fine, I could see if they did this in a "fair and balanced" consistent bi-partisan way, it could be, acceptable well, fair and balanced. However, they do not.

Exhibit A - Maverick McCain lies to Lauer. No truth squad fact checking occurs the next day complete with pictures and graphics actually spinning it to the contrary.

Exhibit B
O'Reilly calls us all Hitler, Mums the word from Katie.
Exhibit C Gingrich lies, Couric sighs.
And on, and on, and on, and on it goes... MMM Hmmm Hmmm

Then again, neither Howard Dean or myself are Americans in Katie Courics eyes. Hey Katie, why didn't you stop at colorectal screening activism?

Also of interest, you have Maureen Dowd (whom I have quite a bit of respect for) castrating the Democrats that are actually demonstrating testicular fortitude.

Maureen Dowd's lashing at the wrong Dems, while Lauer and Couric twist the truth to try and call Howard Dean, technically, a liar.

Where do we go from here?