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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Spy news

Uh. Why didn't some intrepid reporter dig this up?

After you are done trying to figure that one out. Write a letter or something to the news outlets who are constantly scratching their heads about how more and more people get their news from the internets.

It would be a simple letter...

You could start by asking, why do I get my news from the internets?

Because, apparently, only intrepid bloggers can dig simple things like this up:
In June, 2002, Republican Sen. Michael DeWine of Ohio introduced legislation (S. 2659) which would have eliminated the exact barrier to FISA which Gen. Hayden yesterday said is what necessitated the Administration bypassing FISA. Specifically, DeWine's legislation proposed:

to amend the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978 to modify the standard of proof for issuance of orders regarding non-United States persons from probable cause to reasonable suspicion. . . .

In other words, DeWine's bill, had it become law, would have eliminated the "probable cause" barrier (at least for non-U.S. persons) which the Administration is now pointing to as the reason why it had to circumvent FISA.

Is it time to start airing out the issue on a majority of American's minds yet?

Tip o'dee auld at to Atrios (who sums up dead talking points rather well).