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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

It's been a while

I know, and for that I am sorry. Work has been a bit outta control.

Also, I have been in a cinical funk about politics in general so despite being angered by the President's empty SOTU address, and despite being angry at Democrats yukkin' it up before during and after the speech as if they weren't in the room with the anti-christ himself, I can't seem to give a rat's ass enough to write about anything. Besides, nobody really reads this shit so what is the point.

Anyway, I will be writting something about the Abu-Gonzales liefest and the Senate Republican's not wanting to do their basic job, but that will have to wait some more. Maybe the 5 of you will be lucky and get something to snack on today.

For now, go read Adam Nagourney's latest beat down on the Dems piece.

Then ask yourself, why? Why do Democrats allow this to happen?
Why do Democrats critcize themselves to the press like this? When will they realize that they accomplish nothing but headlines that put the word Democrat and some perjorative together in bold face. Right there for the guy who gets his news by reading headlines while he waits for his buttered roll and coffee to be served at the deli.

Here is one simple idea. If you really are having a hard time finding some unified consistent stance and a person to be the messenger of said stance, keep it to yourselves. Do this in private underground meetings. Then when you talk to the press say, everything is fine and dandy. Dean? Hell yeah he's grand master flash in our eyes. He is the man! Obama? Yeah man he is the man? Al Gore? How can I have anything negative to say about a Vice President that presided over the greatest expansion in the American economy.

etc. etc. etc.

Then if you don't like these guys, say so in your private meetings with fundraisers or whatever.

But do NOT let this shit get out in the press (certainly to Adam Nagourney). They are not on your side, and they will not be on your side anytime soon.
So stop giving them the bat that they use to beat you.

And for once, vote together on something. Anything. Pick a frekin bill and all say nay. Period. So long as its not a vote that you already voted for before you voted against, it will not affect the outcome of your election.

This cowtowing and pissing show however, will.

Wise up dipshit Democrats. You don't want what little voting population you have left to stay home in November do you?