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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Right to Death

The SCOTUS decision to let people take charge of their own lives is yet one more spike in the derigible called Republican Conservatarianism. Whenever pat Robertson's bitch boy Jay Sekulow gets on the case you have to wonder what is going on and more importantly, what will happen.

First off, the decision. Basically, SCOTUS took the position that the AG cannot claim the controlled substances act against Oregon's I wanna die law which uses controlled substances to induce death upon people who wanna die (a very small number no less). They said states rights trump the power of the AG in this situation. Basically, the SCOTUS took a long standing federalist position. A position held in high regard on the Renquist court. One that Renquist, Scalia, and Thomas all held dear in the recent Reich V. Ashcroft medical marijuana case. Albeit in that case, the application of the commerce clause was laughable.

Now, Jay Sekulow and Pat Robertson's position against assisted suicide seem rather strange to me. The bible is pretty clear on suicides and anyone who commits suicide is basically goin' to hell. Fine and dandy. Now I guess technically, if you sign a paper and let someone else give you the drugs that help you die, its not "biblically" suicide, and as such you get cheating souls into heaven on a technicality. However, taking this logic further, you now have a doctor who has killes someone else, a murderer! Which is also a mortal sin leading to a straight ticket to hell. So you get a net zero effect of souls getting into heaven. Which leaves plenty of room for other righteous souls such as Pat Robertson and his followers.
So I don't see why they are upset about it. If anything it weeds out bad murderous souls from heaven and swaps them for righteous, sickly, suffering souls.

Now judging by the amount of links in the WaPo story I linked to above, this has caused quite the ruccus. I wonder if it will be enough for Republican Conservatarians to start saying that if you want to die, you don't have that right. You don't have the right over your own life. How can libertarians let the government intrude into our lives in such a way?

Who knows what they'll do. However, one thing is certain. Any speculation about John Roberts not being for unchecked government powers trumping state laws has gone out the window with this case.