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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

The Weather on CNN

Don't watch CNN in the morning if you want any kind of relevant information for your day. There I said it, it had to be said.

Today on American Morning they had some people talking about why kids who have TV's in their bedrooms suck at school more than say kids who have access to computers. I thought this study really just reinforces something that I thought would have been intuitive to most parents. Kids love TV, so if you want your kid to stay up late at night watching it all the time, then hey go ahead, put one in their room. However, I don't think the study asked if kids with computers in their bedrooms were any better at school. I think the computer along with chatting can lead to the same type of behavior that having a TV in the bedroom leads to. All of this being a function of sleep and being able to concentrate in school. The computer has an added bonus of being perhaps the finest research tool known to mankind.

I digress. Ok that wasn't really irrelevant instead of the silly debate that the story inevitably led to.

The weather was what got to me. There are supposedly some storms a brewin' in the giulf and basically these nutjobs at CNN have decided that much like the news, any crazy crisis that only affects a minority of American's should be headline news (or in this case weather).

Forget the usual travel report and the typical minute's worth of zooming around a cartoon of the country being amazed at how they can know exactly where it is raining and sunny today, but never know precisely what will happen tomorrow.
ASIDE:(I am a man of science and I know that meteorology is imprecise because of the magnitude of factors affecting our atmosphere in every single moment. While most other predictable science occurs in a test tube sized environment which is extremely controllable, meteorology's test tube is the entire planet. This leads to many unkowns and as such the reason weathermen couldn't really bet the farm on any prediction, particularly those such as, "the hurricaine will hit this town by 8AM tommorow")

The crisis these days is that there are 3 storms in the Gulf of Mexico and the surrounding area. This crisis happens every single year, every single summer. It has to do with the Gulf being the Gulf and all kinds of humidity and shit that makes these Hurricanes happen. So Hurricanes happen every summer and continue into the fall most years.

SO the fact that there are some tropical storms where you would expect them, the rest of the United States CNN watchers don't get a report on what the cartoons even look like in their part of the country.

I didn't even get to see the humorously minute depiction of the ominous clouds that are surrounding me here in Jersey.

If you were traveling today, you got screwed too. Nothing about what Chicago looked like, or Newark, or New York, or LA. If you were going to Louisiana you knew what it was like, and I think they even showed a map of Florida.

So Thank you CNN. Ever since white women started going missing, your news coverage has become mostly irrelevant. Now that its Hurricane season those of us who need to know what the weather will do on a daily basis will have to tune into the weather channel.

I would love to be in the CNN bored board room when the execs are all scratching their heads wondering where all their ratings went.