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Thursday, June 30, 2005

The Ifill Tower of Babbel

The NewsHour had none other than the new Condi Stephen Hadley on to discuss the President's speech. Now readers of MIT know I am a pretty big fan of the News Hour, while I wont dissagree with others who say it is "Yell TV", I will say it is typically much more informative and fact laden than other forms of Yell TV. I mean the segment lengths in and of themselves are at least 10 times as long. Sqeezing in 3 minutes worth of talk where American Morning would rather devote those same 3 into their 90 second pop (culture that is) segment followed by another 90 in Republican 527 ads. Either way, the NewsHour is perhaps the best form of a news hour that is currently on Television. Plus the bonus that it is part of PBS and therefor free, that puts it into a supre league of journalism all its own. Think about the shit that passes for news on cable. Then look at that monopolistic cable bill every month. I think you will start switchin' to Lehrer in a flash.

Enough ass kissing. So being that I favor the facts in my news you can imagine the look on Sgt. Pepper's face when he saw daddy shame him in a game he thought he held the crown in, particularly around my house. A game I call, SIJSOTF, or Shit I Just Shit On The Floor. Here is how Gewn Ifill (the woman with the biggest bicepts on TV) decided she could start an interview with the new Condi Rice, uh Stephen something.
GWEN IFILL: The president last night in his speech mentioned Sept. 11 five times and alluded to it several more times. Yet, half of Americans say that they don't believe -- this is in this latest Gallup Poll everybody's been talking about today -- say they don't believe there's a connection between what's happening in Iraq and what happened on Sept. 11. What do you say to that?

Believe? Believe? What do you mean we don't Believe in this. This is where the media is going wrong. So all that soul searching that they have or haven't been doing as of late comes down to this.


The News is a FACT BASED INSTITUTION. Or so it should be.

You don't report what people believe. You report what is. This isn't about perception and if it is, it is definitely thanks to questions such as these directed at lying fuckers such as those in the administration. It is no wonder why most of America believed this same assertion in November. So perhaps the media has done its job of widdling that poor idea out of the public's mind. Now only the hard core believers in all things Cheney still believe that on 9/11 Saddam Drove a plane right into the Statue of Liberty and right before it collapsed the Torch lit up like a cheap cigar. Oh yeah, and the reason it's called 9/11 is because the cell phone system in New York crashed and people weren't able to call 9/11.

I am terribly sorry but every single commission that has been battled by the president then finally allowed to do its job to ge to the bottom of 9/11 and the intelligence and all of this shit have never ever ever ever found a link between Saddam Hussein and 9/11. NOTHING. There was perhaps a scenario where one of the hijakers met with another hijaker on a busy street in Paris and the window behind them had a television on playing a History Channel documentary that flashed Saddam's picture at the precise moment they were talking about the Twin Towers. However, other than that, nothing. And in case you haven't figured it out, that doesn't count as a tie, or a link for that matter.

As a matter of fact, in order to tie Saddam Hussein to 9/11, you would have a much easier time finding a hair from Saddam's mustache in the burning rubble that was the twin towers.

Gwen get it right next time. Start off with something like this "Where does the president get off linking Iraq to 9/11? Or is he just trying to catapult the propaganda?"

Needles of belief, buried in haystacks of fact do not good interviews make.