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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

I'm Back!

First off. Congrats to me, I hit 8000 hits today. Big up to all y'all. Though World O'Crap helped me get there a bit quicker this weekend (Peter Daou has always been really nice to MIT as well). If there are any residual World O'Crappers or whatever they are called welcome and come back early and often.

Last I wrote anything it was Wednesday or Thursday of last week. Thursday night, after a certain friend of mine whom I have dogsat for in the past told me I couldn't bring Sgt. Pepper to his house. He cited a typical "my dogs didn't get along with this other dog last weekend" reason. However, he also let slip that he had invited another of his friends. Either way, I am over it. Just thought he deserves a bit of public embarassment in the very least. I still think your OK J.

Either way it worked out pretty good. The lady thought we should drive (begginning at midnight) Thursday 10 hours to Acadia National Park in Maine (one of the few National Parks that allow doggies). I said, sounds like a good idea. Boy was it. I will put the pictures up soon enough even though there aren't many. This is due to the fact that Sony digital camera's work using shitty rechargeable batteries. Also culpable is the fact that packing everything you will need, including a nifty little lighter-AC adapter, with little more than a few hours to think is a pretty futile effort.

I did pack the fishing pole, purchased a fishing license, and caught all of zero fish during my time. This freshwater fishing business is not for the masses. It requires muh more skill than a saltwater fisherman (and a poor one at that too) can possibly muster without reading some books on the subject. As a American born Portuguese person, grandson of a village fishing champion in Portugal, I should be ashamed of having to buy a book such as this. For fresh water fish are not dumb like sea faring fish. I once caught a flounder by doing nothing more than casting my rod, going to drop a deuce, than comming back and reeling. That defacation post cast technique does not work in any lake stream or pond so far as I can tell.

Either way, if you have a National Park in your area visit early and often. I have been to three total, including Joshua Tree (not only a tree, and a U2 album), Haleakala, and now Acadia. I cannot think of any other times where Nature has not only awed me, but it takes you, grips you, throws you about and says, DO YOU SEE WHAT BEAUTY YOU AND YOUR FELLOW HUMANS ARE CAPABLE OF DESTROYING IF WE LET YOU? In any case, thanks to a decent republican (Roosevelt) for putting yellow tape around these acres of natural wonder. I was so in awe that well... let's just say an announcement will be happening soon (this statement along ought to let me know how many friends and family actually read this blog).

In any case, I realize there was a major news event which got all of 1 minute on CNN this morning (more on CNN in a post to come). Something about a judge leaving the Supreme bench and NOT the one who is cancer laden and can't seem to walk properly.

Oh boy, the base must be riling it up like crazy. Since my computer is down at work, it should be pretty quiet around MIT today. Though I have a little rant on CNN, I have lots of politics to catch up on. Which sucks cuz since my computer is broken I can actually justify hanging in the library all day doing nothing but writting.

Anyway, as they used to say "Stay Tuned!"