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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Delay is he really so bad?

If you have been in a cave recently or just watching Cable News Popearama, you may have missed the fact that almost daily some new dirt is being dished out on Tom Delay. This is a smear campaign against a sleazy man who didn't get to his powerful position by necessarily playing by the rules.

However, all this stuff about him paying his wife and daughter $500,000 from his PAC, or getting trips paid by lobbyists for Russian junkits, while raising eyebrows is unfortunately completely LEGAL. Now, this is where my internal conflict is aboil.

In a way, I don't want any politician to take favors from lobbyists because those lobbyists in turn want favors like bad legislation. However, I think that if a politician is going to be taking money from anybody for say travelling expenses, I prefer those expenses be paid by a private investor than by tax dollars.

So, while Democrats are using the Gingrich playbook on Delay, it is important to not let the Delay cloud obscure things like President Bush spending millions of tax dollars to sell Social Security Privatization.

UPDATE: Remember all that talk during election season about helping small businesses? What I don't remember is any talk about privatizing Social Security at the expense of small business.