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Thursday, April 07, 2005

Powerline Blog of the Year!

So it seems a staffer for Mel Martinez (R-FL) wrote the "Schiavo is a good issue for Republicans" memo. Hindrocket-in-the-ass over at Powerline is still whining about it. Stating things such as:
Assuming this is for real, it solves the mystery of where the "talking points memo" came from. It leaves open the question of why ABC and the Washington Post reported the memo the way they did. Mike Allen, the Post's reporter, has previously said that the memo came from a Democratic Senator who said he got it from a Republican Senator.

JEEZUS CHRIST! What the hell does this guy want? Why they reported it the way they did? What the fuck is this asshole talking about? They reported it like... our sources tell us this memo came from Republicans. And then a republican says it came from his office. What the hell did ABC and WaPo do wrong here?

This is exactly why the blogosphere gets a bad name. Idiots like this who bash reporters for actually um... reporting. He was stupidly wrong instead of owning up to it and saying, hey this time the media actually did their job and protected their sources, NO... he says, Michelle Malkin agrees with me so I am right. NADDY NADDY POO POO.

I think HINDERAKER should be cut-off from publishing anything in any magazine let alone The prestigious Weekly Standard. As a matter of fact, you should let the Weekly Standard know that John Hinderaker shouldn't be allowed to publish anything else, particularly of the "scalp a media figure" nature. His whole recent job on this particular story borders on libel and if I were Mike Allen of the Washington Post I would be talking to my lawyers. Perhaps it is time for media to decapitate a blogger.

In this case I would be all for it. This guy is giving bloggers a bad name. What he did here was based on complete grabbing-out-of-the-ass investigations. Lots of "Mike Allen deserves to die because in reporting this story he failed to tell us that Mars and Venus decided to be orbitally alligned along with Jupiter, however, it is nothing will come of it because the media controls the alignment of the planets, and everybody except the left wing moon bats know that." He is now perpetuating his argument based on semantics of wether "party leaders" should be used to describe where the memo came from if it only came from one republican. When newspapers are wrong they publish corrections. Bloggers who think they are better than newspapers, should do the same.