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Thursday, April 07, 2005

Is someone at the Daily Show reading MIT?

Sorry for the non-posting I was suffering from severe case of bronchitis, which I thought was one of the reasons I quit smoking. Apparently my body decided to give me one last shot of bronchitis... for the memories.

Anyway I was able to catch up on lots of DVR recordings of Emiril Live and Daily Show and on Tuesday I saw this and thought... HEY?!

They stole my headline!

Such is life. I am feeling revitalized and noticed that there seems to be a double standard about which dead people are allowed to be put on television news channels. I distinctly remember pictures of caskets covered in American flags being a controversy.

Yet somehow someway, LIVE video of and ACTUAL DEAD BODY (belonging to the pope) is shown without discretion at each and every commercial break on each and every cable news channel throughout the entire day and night.

This dead body is disturbing as it is to me. I can only imagine what I would have explain if I had children.