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Monday, April 04, 2005

Don't eat that apple

Lot's of sex in the news. Two great stories One is about 2 weeks old and says people who take vows to keep themselves pure until they marry are far more likely to have anal and oral. Also, teenagers say oral is kewl with us and we are going to get some of that within the next couple of months.

The funny thing is that all these efforts in getting kids to not have sex just brings out their innate feelings to HAVE SEX. How many studies do we need in order to repeatedly proove the "Forbidden Fruit" theory. The forbidden fruit is that which is most sought after. Here is a do-it yourself (no pun really) experiment. Take a baby and put a plate of cookies in front of them. Watch them from another room (use video surveilance if you don't trust yourself not to be seen by the baby). Time how fast they will eat the cookies.

Now do the same thing all over again but instead tell the baby that he/she is strickly forbidden to eat a cookie. Check the differences in the ammount of time it takes the baby to eat the cookie.

You can do this repeatedly until you feel you have an analyzable sample of data.

Bill Maher had a field day with this one and if you didn't see it too bad, but he struck so many of the points that it would be impossible to address this without basically stealing from Bill.

So get HBO or hopefully eventually Bill Maher will have a DVD that you can rent. However, Bill's website is pretty good.