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Monday, April 04, 2005

Heave .... Ho!

Atrios and Sirota, and Matt are telling people to call Congressman Hoyer (dem. Whip) to try and get some complete and total opposition to the crappy bankruptcy bill. To me this should be a bigger litmus test for any Democrat worthy of support by us interested in having a say in government. This is much more important and strikes many more lives (stricktly on the poverty merits) than abortion or any social issue the Eunicrats are wringing their hands over.

Will there be a solid NAY vote on this from the Dems? I doubt it. Hoyer gets lots of mullah from bankers. At least two of the Eunichrats have voted for it in the judiciary committee:
The House Judiciary Committee in a bipartisan vote today approved the Senate-passed bankruptcy reform legislation, S. 256, without amendment. The Committee defeated all 18 amendments considered; S. 256 then was approved by a 22-to-13 margin by the Committee. S. 256 now moves to the House floor, where it will be considered in early April. If, as expected, no amendments are made, S. 256 will then be sent to President Bush for his signature.
Rep. Rick Boucher (D-Va.), a supporter of S. 256, commented, “Bankruptcy is becoming a first stop for some, rather than a last resort, as debtors treat bankruptcy as merely another financial planning tool and file for bankruptcy for simple convenience. These practices are permitted under the current bankruptcy law which allows debtors to walk away from their debts regardless of whether they have the ability to pay any portion of what they owe. The legislation which was approved by the House Judiciary Committee today restores personal responsibility to the bankruptcy system by creating a fair, needs-based system for bankruptcy filings. It will benefit responsible consumers who pay the price for bankruptcies of mere convenience in the form of higher costs for goods, services and credit, a cost estimated at $400 per family annually.”

Financial planning tool? Perhaps prestigious bankruptcy filers such as Enron and MCI Worldcom use bankruptcy as a financial planning tool but I don't think regular joe's go into buying a house thinking, If I can't afford it there is always Chapter 7.

Convenient? I don't think there is anything convenient about hiring a lawyer, getting ALL your stuff appraised, having multiple garage sales, and serving the REPO man coffee as he takes your furniture away, do you?

As far as his figure of bankruptcies costing every family $400 per year, he didn't specify if that number factors in the Enron and Worldcom scandals.

However, what I do know is where Rick Boucher (this poor example of someone representing the other white meat in congress) gets HIS CASH FROM.

Everyone left and right has agreed that this bill is AWEFUL. Call your congresspeople. The bill is scheduled to come to the floor any day now.