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Monday, April 04, 2005

W M Duh

Somewhere whilst Terri Schiavo's body was dehydrating and the christian right was foaming at the mouth over it, their was a report released by yet another commision appointed by politicians to investigate what happened with the WMD non-intelligence. To no surprise they didn't finda ny WMD, nor did they blame anyone in the Bush administration for pushing a war without sufficient evidence. Instead they said, it was the CIA's fault. Now, that was when George Tenet was in charge and since then he got a Presidential Medal of Freedom. A pretty high honor to give a guy who fucked up that royally right? Now, this report has been completed for a while and was being read and redacted whilst Georgey and freinds were getting their medals.

This is either the 4th or 5th report that says the same thing. There was no WMD (no shit), the people who told us there were WMD lied (no shit), and we probably should think twice next time we are going to war with a country over dubious intelligence (no shit). Anyone who wants to know what really happened should read this book.
Maureen Dowd did a fine job on the "no shit" report particularly why it stops short of stating what is already known (that the administration pressured the CIA), and right wingers will say, it wasn't Bush's fault... see. It was bad intelligence... see.

This is my problem with all that. According to the "no shit" report, there was only one source (aptly named "curveball) who was giving us this information. Even though the wingers have all been saying, it was from various sources. It wasn't. Curveball was the only guy. So, any president WORTH THE FUCKING BIBLE HE SWEARS UPON, that goes to war better well have more than ONE source of information that he is basing this MOTHER OF ALL PRESIDENTIAL DECISIONS on.

Even a pitcher in the minor leagues needs to have a changeup, fastball, or slider to back up his "Curveball".

The once owner of the Texas Rangers should know a bit about this most basic of baseball necessities.