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Friday, April 15, 2005

The Sphere... She is Round!

Look deeper there is something Google is trying to tell us today:

Sometimes the New York Times Op-Ed page makes me that much prouder of printing it out and leaving it in the men's room stall.

Great stuff from Krugman on Socialized Health Care systems such as those in Europe.

Friedman is starting to make sense, I am glad he dropped his Middle East beat, he was starting to loose touch with history.

A satirically clever argument AGAINST tax code simplification. Personally, I am for tax code simplification, but against tax simplification (ie: when the Bush-speak decoder ring says "Flat tax").

Some basic facts about The Estate Tax, at least the one the Repugnicans are trying to eliminate forever (more here) Oh let's just see who really is affected by the Estate tax today right from the IRS's horses mouth.
Which Estates Must File:
For decedents dying in 2004, Form 706 must be filed by the executor for the estate of every U.S. citizen or resident whose gross estate, plus adjusted taxable gifts and specific exemption, is more than $1,500,000.

Though it is a little late to do anything about it, Josh Marshall has had a Bankruptcy Bill Blog, which recently featured none other than John Edwards (the ex-presidential/vice presidential candidate, not the guy who talks to dead people). Check the vote roll for italicized names, see if you are lucky like I am to have a Democratic House member to chastise as a constituent. THANKS ROBERT MENENDEZ, (Leader by the way of the Democratic Caucus).

PSST, its tax day get those fat envelopes stamped.

Speaking of Decoder rings, I collected enough box tops of Honey comb cereal to send away for my Bill O'Reilly decoder ring. For only $2.95 shipping and Handling and 6 Honey Comb box tops you too can get your very own Bill O'Reilly decoder ring. So far I tried the good old "I never said that" on the Decoder Ring and the result... "I said that so long ago people MUST have forgotten by now."

Delay's House of Scandal.

David Sirota is really talking the way I wish most Democrats would be talking, always reminding us of why Democrats are in the minority, because they keep going along with things like this.

Why aren't other Democrats Lending Senator Carper a hand on his stonewalling of the EPA nominee? He is just reciprocating after all.

"I didn't hear any plan to fix Social Security." - Bush, Third Presidential Debate on Kerry's explanation of why privatization would be a disaster. Today AP
President Bush signaled Thursday he is not ready yet to reveal how he would fix Social Security's looming insolvency, saying he has to first persuade people there is a problem.

So you see... SHE IS NOT FLAT!