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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Open letter to Censorship happy bloggers

In case you haven't already noticed there is a debate goin on between Matt Yglesias and Amy Sullivan about wether or not Dems should make a move regarding Censorship (of the video game kind). Now it is all over the frekin left hemisphere. So I wrote the nice bloggers Atrios, Digby, Kilgore, Munz, Jesse, and Amanda. I figured they may be inclined to take a different topic up for discussion.

Hey guys,
You all seem so enthralled by Matt and Amy's pissing contest. I think both their blogs are generally widely read by your audiences and I don't think they need the extra linking to their debate.

I think a potentially good thing to do would be to say something like, Matt and Amy are having a debate on wether or not dems should make censorship an agenda item.

Then add your 2 cents and be done with it.

Is there a bill up for debate or vote or comming out of committee on censorship that I missed?

Granted that censorship is a great debate to have and one that no doubt Matt and Amy will shed copious ammounts of light on, but last I checked Congress isn't interested in making any laws on this topic so far.

However, this week there are things that can potentially really trully affect Democrats and their base with votes on such matters as Bankruptcy, John Bolton. I hear Delay is trying to push another MTBE exception into the energy bill in the house.

There are other things happening this week that can be potentially, oh I don't know, important to democrats and their voters besides the non-agenda item of censorship.

So how about stopping THIS circle jerk which though I haven't checked yet I am sure will wind up on Judy Woodruff's show or MSNBC's connected if y'all aren't careful.

Last I checked the right blogosphere is still bashing all things liberal this week. And having a debate amongst ourselves on what the position of the democratic party should be on censorship is unimportant. Particularly since the only person who brought it up was Amy Sullivan.

Last I checked she ain't writting any bills on the Hill.

Let's move on folks. Please this is making pope-a-palooza look like a good alternative.


Granted, my asking them to write about anything is arrogant in and of itself. I just hate to see the blogosphere suffer the same ills as the mainstream media. That being groupthink on completely irrelevant issues.