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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Filibuster This!

It appears at least 2 Republican groups are against the NUKYALAR option. Combined the groups have about 2.5 million members. Hey, they aren't the American Conservative Union, American Values, Americans for Tax Reform, Free Congress Foundation, Focus on the Family, Eagle Forum and the Family Research Council, all of whom already wrote the GOP a letter supporting the NUKYALAR option. However, 2.5 million is a whole lot of votes the Repugnicans can count on not having should they go NUKYALAR on that Senate ass.

In any case, I say they should go for it. Get rid of the filibuster. I am all for it. Let this country see the Repugnicans run amok, perhaps people will start paying more attention to politics the minute any majority starts pushing their agenda so far up America's ass they wake up with sore throats and their tonsils on their pillows. Perhaps we will lurch back into the days of slavery, or better, we can start passing laws that lynch gays, or get the bible a front seat to science in public schools. Only good can come of it.

Press the Big Red SHINY Button Bill Frist. You know you want to. You NEED those 10 activist judges on the federal bench don't you.