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Monday, March 28, 2005

Rediculosity wrapped up in Hypocrisy

I told you guys I would have to post on Terri Schiavo again.

First, Tom Delay the same guy who said this about letting Terri die:
That act of barbarism can be and must be prevented

Unfortunately, let himself perform an act of barbarism when he let his own comatosed father die.

Second, the facts about Terri.

Unfortunately, what is being ignored in this whole sad state of affairs is the root cause of Terri's condition. As always in this country, we treat the symptoms and not the disease. We address an issue by ignoring the root cause.

Terri puked her way to her persistent vegetative state. She was self loathing. She didn't like herself and this caused her to have an eating disorder. Contrary to what you may believe this is what caused Terri to go brain dead. She puked and puked and undernourished herself until she threw her electrolytes out of balance to the point where she induced her own cardiac arrest.

Now probably due to the lack of funding to local police and ambulances, Terri's rescue squad came a bit late and this caused her brain damage.

Unfortunately, the liberal media has completely ignored the fact that she was bulemic. (Free tip for Democrats, come out with a bill that addresses bulemia as a national health care issue). The liberal media also keeps showing pictures like this one:

Or others that seem to show Terri with some semblance of life (motion, blinking, etc). Portraying not someone whose brain has become jello, but instead someone who is no more diseased than a person with say Down's syndrome. Again Terri cannot feel anything. You could pinch her and she wouldnt show a blip in her brain wave activity. She is nto feeling a thing. All activity comming from Terri is completely INvoluntary. It is like when dead people in morgues tend to have muscle ticks sometimes. Dead people do this from time to time, no doubt scaring the bejeezus out of their morticians.

The rediculosity of this whole affair is of course the religious zealots who have somehow gotten their longstanding wish of taking over the country. They have been able to do what we internet truth peddlers usually fail to, get congress to do something that they want them to. Congress passed a law that allowed a denovo trial (of course not realizeing this would take more time than Terri can afford), ignoring the possibility that this could potentially mean that any trial can get a denovo hearing. So that includes death row cases right? Or even a trial in your unforseen future. So if you are ever accused of murder or something, remember you too should be entitled to a denovo trial.

Whilst they are vehemently boiling over Terri's life, the religious zealots who have taken over our country, seem to have forgotten the troops in Iraq who are dying. Or the Iraqi's themselves, or the people dying in Africa (name the country). However, what they seem to forget most of all is that Terri did this to herself.

And accodring to them thats a sin of the worst kind. She's a mortal sinner. She's a suicidal sinner. However, why not send out one of those miracle healers to touch Terri's head and make her better?

The court may have granted Terri's wishes by allowing her to starve to death but I don't remember reading anything in the court decision about miracle healers taking a stab at Terri.

Why doesn't Pat Robertson himself show up at her bedside and start praying like crazy to see if God himself finds Terri worthy of resurection?

Why not get the whole 700 club behind Terri with prayer. Certainly if the whole Christian community gets a prayin' God can't help but listen and act on so many good intentioned people to save the shit out of Terri. Perhaps God will overcompensate and get Terri to wake up and start tap dancing and singing, "Hello my baby, hello my darlin', hello my ragtime gal."

Come on Jesus freaks, there has to be something you can do with prayer and if there was ever a time to do it, nows the time. Right around easter.

Isn't easter the best time for resurections? Petition the Lord with Prayer folks.

If that doesn't work, get your lazy good for nothing protesting asses back to work, we have an economy to save (another thing God has ignored) around here.