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Friday, March 11, 2005

Our Fearless Leader

Nevada is 4th in the nation on the Household's per filing list.

The Bankruptcy bill was the easiest fight the Democrats could have.

Joe Lieberman and Chris Dodd voted NO.

By voting yes, Harry Reid, has enabled any Democrat who voted yes to say "I was just followin' orders from the boss."

Dick Durbin (minority whip) voted NO.

Grassroots from BOTH PARTIES hated this bill.

This bill disenfranchises those whom the Democrats BY DEFINITION should be defending, the poor and misfortunate.

By voting yes on this bill Harry Reid has slapped any and all pregressive democrats in the face.

However, look around the left side of the blogosphere... Silence. Crickets. With the exception of Politology. Nothing from the so called crusaders for justice.

Ignoring this vote is toeing the line.

Shame on you all.

UPDATE: Kossacks, I can't comment on my last posting so I will put it here. I am no troll. I do not however, toe any lines. I am simply pointing out an injustice commited by the leader of the democratic party. If this blogosphere was worth the electrons it transmitted it would be ripe with posts such as this.

UPDATE 2: The Left Coaster is properly outraged.