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Thursday, March 24, 2005

I missed a bunch didn't I

Since my flight was delayed about 3 hours, I was able to pick up a barely used copy of the Miami Herald to learn what has happened since I was in nature wonderland.

Something about feeding tubes in brain dead people (I thought this had already been debated ad nauseum), congress making laws (that aren't really laws) on behalf of personal cases that occur DAILY around the country, hundreds of times, yet somehow if it happens in Florida it makes it to the Supreme Court.

In my opinion, the Schiavo case has NO business being debated in the halls of Congress. The case is very clearly a state issue, legally well documented and preceeded by other trials of the same nature. Congress, in asking the courts to start a "de novo trial" would do little to speed up the re-insertion of the feeding tube, instead they may indeed prolong it (not to mention the possibility of being unconstitutional). Life support systems are unplugged all the time, many times without the dying person's consent. The only reason this case heated up was because it got coverage during election season and the religious right ceased on it to make an example of liberals hating the living-dead.

What is missing in this debate is wether or not keeping these people alive artificially is a strain on our "Rising Health Care Costs." Regardless, this is a state court issue, mainly because what is at stake here is contractual obligations under marriage, family, and guardianship. I personally would prefer to die than to suffer with a liquid brain, but that's just me. I guess I just penned typed my own living will.

I also read something about yet another kid who wore a black trenchcoat, eyeliner, and called himself "the angel of death" shot up his family and his school.

Maybe Congress should be making laws about kids with guns and trenchcoats, not having access to schools. Not to sound wonkish but how about putting kids that wear eyeliner and black trenchcoats into a strict psychiatric evaluation and perhaps following-up with (if warranted) internment in a mental health facility.

I guess people who have liquid brains are much more dangerous and thus need our federal government's attention that much more.