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Friday, March 11, 2005

Donkey Poop

The Donkey’s are in trouble. Perhaps, Hannity is right when he says he is watching a party implode. I for one would love to see the demise of the Democratic party, but since the ass smacking defeat this last election has brought on a new sentiment of a plasticine party let’s ask the tough question. Why they are imploding? This debate over center vs. left within the Democratic Party is getting pretty hot. I for one think that MoveOn was right when it said it was their party and they were going to take it back. After all, they raised lots of money, ran lots of ads, got lots of people involved, and ran phone calling campaigns. I am also a Dean supporter because I believe he can help take the party out of the hands of greedy corporations and back into the hands of the people. You know, kind of like what the Democrats were founded on.

Then you have the greedy DLC bastards who think just because Bill Clinton was the only Democratic President in the last 30 years that we should go back to his politics. The problem with the DLC is that it is strapped to the backs of the corporations that have pushed this country to this sorry state of affairs. The DLC thinks the Clinton’s politics would work today, even though our whole political landscape has been shaken up more than Clinton’s ball sack in a sea of interns. These guys are now actually bringing up the draft. Just take a look at the Bull(shit)moose. How is any Democrat bringing up the Draft as a possibility? Is it a way of boosting their national security profile? Is it a way of showing that they are pro-defense? What the hell is the point of this? I thought the draft is bad and I have yet to see any democrat support it except for the DLC.

Somehow, the DLC thinks that by blurring the line between Republican and Democrat the party is well served because it will attract the elusive slot machine voter. The voter that walks into the booth wearing aviator sunglasses, a green visor, smoking a cheap cigar, drinking cheaper whiskey and pulls the lever with their eyes closed and hoping for three cherries and a siren to go off.

Do you think the Kerry Flip Flops were just a coincidence? I don’t. Kerry would say something “liberal” to the get the base fired up for more phone calls and canvassing, and then he would say another because the DLC pricks were buzzing focus group shite into his ear. So much for getting a row of cherries in the ballot box. Looked more like the dealer hit black jack and the DLCers didn't buy the insurance.

It also seems pretty obvious to me that lefties are internally conflicted. They don’t know what to do. They love Ralph Nader at heart, and any lefty who doesn’t, isn’t a lefty (at least not by my standards and for the terms of this entry). They also know that Nader might not be able to make it to the top or anywhere near it. They also know that Democrats are a bunch of eunuchs who have repeatedly and miraculously been re-castrated over and over again. They also know that in a duopoly they must be pragmatic and side with the Democrats because the Republican’s are just not an option. The English language fails to provide words to describe sufficiently the evil those bastards have in mind.

So what to do if you are a lefty? Do what the religious right has done for the last 20 years. Try like hell to take the monster back. Lefties have to start to really believe in their positions as being in the countries best interest. They have to fight back the noise machine of the Republicans by emulating them. They need to begin their own noise machine, they need to build their own fundraising base, and most importantly, they need to stick it to the flip-flopping Democrats.

I know this isn’t rocket science Joe Trippi has said it ad nauseum, but if you could get 1 million people to give $100, and do that over and over, quarterly, you would have $400 million at the end of the year, that ought to be enough for a presidential race right?

If not convince a million more.

So that takes care of the business lobbyists having more pull than the small donors. Right there the DLC has no say in matters.

The Democrats should not be given too many chances either. I say 2008 elections should be the deadline. Now that the Republicans are in control, the Democrats can stop them and counter punch with real solutions to real problems that really satisfy the needs of the people and not the corporations. The blogosphere has created a much bigger transparency in politics and no longer can they hide behind Orwellian Bills like Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act. If Democrats don’t shape up, the net roots should ship out. They should turn to their real colors of green and see what happens. One thing is for sure, they will not have any trouble convincing the candidates to take their positions. All the net roots will have to do is scream bloody murder at both Republicans and Democrats, just as they are doing now. Then throw hundred dollar bills into Ralph Nader’s pay pal account.

The party may very well be on the path to implosion, and the only way out is to let the netroots discipline them. People on the left aren’t going to take it anymore and if you are pro-bankrupting the poor, pro-torture, and pro-ANYTHING the Republicans bring to the table that disrupts the capitalism balance to favor business, then you should be damned to hell and certainly damned to be out of the party. Party discipline is lacking, people on the Democratic side are not toeing the line. They aren’t voting together and they aren’t making the same arguments together. They are all loose lipped and have fingers that typically stray to the yes button. This is not a party; it is a motley crew each who traded their constituent voters for their constituent backers. That is something the left will no longer tolerate.

Look at how well the Republican’s do discipline. They have recently fired the Republican chair of the House ethics committee Joel Hefley (R-CO) because he actually allowed some slaps on Tom Delay’s wrist. So he got the can, I am sure he will be damned by the party and will have a tough time in his next primary. If you would like to have a carrier in Congress, all you have to do is pledge allegiance to The Hammer, Hastert, or Frist, and run against that poor bastard Hefley. Prediction Hefley looses his next bid for reelection in a landslide and he will have a hard time getting party money. I am willing to bet a pony on this one.

The take home message is that the Democrats are seeing their grassroots turning from Blue to Green. The Donkey better stop grazing and shitting on the lawn, and consider throwing some seed and fertilizer down (the manure they are dumping is not sufficient) before it gets too patchy for them to play their thoughtless games on.