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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

My Ides have seen you!

Last Friday on the Newshour David Brooks said the republicans would be better at overhauling Social Security if they used a two pronged approach (one to get solvency, the other to get private accounts). This resulted in a strong feeling of nausea accompanied by a breif unconscious spell. After those subsided I woke up and realized that besides David Brooks making more sense on TV than he does in his columns, (particularly when expressing the important role caffeine plays in the ownership society) the republicans may just try this.

Well it only took two days to have Ben Nelson show his explicit support for such a proposal on Meet The Press. Russert even noted that 41 Dems including Joementum signed a letter opposing privatization, while Benator did not.

Now, the left hemisphere (atrios, krugman, and marshall) has been using Joe Lieberman as a punching bag because they think Joementum will be the one causing damage to the Dems by cooptively compromising. The left was pissed when Leiberman voted no on cloture and no on passage of the bankruptcy bill, while completely ignoring Harry Reid's yes on passage. They have said this was a symbolic vote on the passage, whilst cloture was the important vote. Probably because after Harry Reid was unable to get his caucus together on cloture, the ensueing debate and the ammendments that were granted rejected convinced Reid he could vote for the bill's passage?! I digress.

But, I have to say that on this Ides of March, the Ceasars of the left may be commiting the same mistake in chastizing Joementum. They would probably be better guided if they said, et tu Benator?

I am going to this tonight, maybe I will have the opportunity to ask Josh and Paul for their opinion on the Benator.