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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

"Liberal Media" - First Ammendment... goin' goin'


So much for that "Liberal Media"

An advocacy group, USAction, said on Monday that four television networks had turned down its request to run an advertisement opposing President Bush's effort to clamp down on medical malpractice lawsuits.

As a general rule, the policy says, "time will not be sold on NBC Network facilities for the presentation of views on controversial issues."

ABC, CBS and the Fox Broadcasting Company said they had also turned down the advertisement.

But CNN plans to run the advertisement.

Here is a link to the add and the text:

"President Bush is siding with the insurance, H.M.O. and drug companies, trying to end what they call frivolous lawsuits, while 100,000 Americans like Ian die each year because of medical errors," Mr. Malone says in the spot. "Mr. President, let's fix the health care mess, but please stop blaming the victims. My son's life was not frivolous."

So a while back I remember posting about an ad I saw pushing the Privatization of Soc Sec. But I saw this ad on CNN.

Has anyone seen any similar ads on ABC, NBC, CBS or dare I ask FOX? I only watch PBS now so I need your help.

5 points for each except FOX (you only get 2 points). I am assuming for shizzle they ran an ad.