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Friday, January 28, 2005

Robert Wright not bad...

A great piece in the Times today.

I think Democrats should be using this plan as their foreign policy agenda.

Although paying tyrants sounds counter intuitive to pushing forth freedom, Wright makes some good historical points that can lead to positive outcomes.

Read the piece, he is obviously a Clintonian-Liberal (there I am coining that phrase if it hasn't been coined before). He points to China's success at becoming an anomaly of a capitalist powerhouse with an authoritarian government (sounds like the US today).

What he fails to point out is that by opening China's trade with the world, while sewing the seeds of democracy in that big country, has made a huge dent in our domestic progress.

The Free Trade deal with China only made companies like Walmart more powerful, and usurped many jobs from this country.

The outcome of Clintons experiment in economics - that which leads to less jobs but lower prices - is yet to be known.

But using Wrights approach to tyranny will probably keep America safe, even though it can lead to further domestic economic worries.