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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Kurds... No News is Good News

I thought it was wierd that nobody talks about the Kurds. Why is that? I know we are worried about the SUnni insurgency and all the painthat brings us. I know we worry about the SHiites because they might put Ahmed Challabi (profile) in charge of something he shouldn't be in charge of. But what of the Kurds. Nobody is worried about them. This article is news. Yet it appears in the Op-Ed page in the NYT. It's silly, stupid and shortsighted to think this article doesn't blow up in the face of the whole idea of what we are trying to prevent in Iraq, the feared Civil War.

Yet this article is the only one I have read that actually talks about the Kurds.

Now the Kurds seem to be on the democratic ball here. In Iraq, it seems the Kurds were the ones who have done the best in terms of getting their shit together. They have successfully handled security, safety, and peace in their northern zone of Iraq. They have even started their own grassroots campaign.

The Kurds apparently had their own little refferendum on being a part of Iraq or not. 11 to 1 they voted against. They also had presented the dissmissive Paul Bremer with a petition with 1.7 million votes against being a part of Iraq.

Does anyone else think that this is pretty incredible for a small society. Especially the ones that were made out to be victims under Saddaam's regime? We were supposed to be saving the Kurds (you know after we would find the "slam dunk" WMDs).

I think that the Kurds are the perfect example of how close Iraq was to saving itself and getting democracy the old fashioned way, by revolt. Last time I checked the US wasn't teaching courses on grassroots activism and how it is the root of democracy anywhere in Iraq. I don't think that any money has been appropriated to democracy education courses.

Somehow the Kurds figured this out on their own. This will however remain something that "liberal media" misses altogether.

Two things. First the thought that if left alone the Kurds may have gotten their own act (democracy) together. Second, and perhaps more important for the future of Iraq, the fact that the unity of the triad Iraqi society has already been undermined at least in gesture and apparently in popular opinion by 1/3 of said societey. One down 2 to go and then you will have 3 different countries. Perhaps it is the only peaceful way out.

However, if the NYT doesn't consider it news... who will?