Media in Trouble: All the news thats UNfit to print!: Get ready kids. This is why we will loose our Social Security

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Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Get ready kids. This is why we will loose our Social Security

Progress for America (a conservative propaganda generator) was first on the CNN scene to put up an ad.

I love the way the blogosphere has been aptly chipping away at the President's lack of debate on Social Security. Some of the press has taken it on though not very forcefully.

So far I have seen the News Hour having some debate about the pro's and the very very very many con's to privatization. However, I haven't seen Paul Krugman on any show.

But when it all comes down to is the PR war. The Media is in charge of all our opinions. That is how we went to war, that is how the Swift Boat Vets got Kerry, and that is how Bush got reelected with the lowest approval rating of any President.

Indeed that is also how the Conservatives got the Medicare drug bill passed by Congress.

Today, I almost took a dumper when I saw an advert making the simple case for privatization. That of the 16 workers for each retiree back when Social Security was born and the future 2 workers for each retiree.

So while I think the blogosphere is doing a great duty to the country if the Democrats don't start acting up on this one we are gonna loose this debate before it even starts. Indeed I think with PFA's ad the points are already stacked against us.

This is how the Democrats and in essence America has lost to the conservatives time and time again.

If the most trusted name in news is running an ad about Social Security, who is going to tell Joe Schmoe, that ad isn't true?

Certainly not the journalists covering every staged Bush lovin, Social Security privatizing, cheerleading event.

Just turn on the TV and try to find a voice of opposition to Social Security Privatization. If you have cable I would begin by going to CSPAN. If not I would suggest watching Jim Lehrer's News Hour.

But I caution that even those sources are still unbalanced in terms of how much they are giving the opposition.