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Sunday, January 30, 2005

Social Security debate... How short our memories are

Found this gem today which was basically like a blog chronicalling (check spelling) of all the Social Security Debate that was going on when Bush first got into office. I just gave some ideas to Josh Marshall, we'll see if he posts them. he is doing a fine job of chronicalling (note... this is why blogging is such a better term) the current language debate.

It is kind of like what George Carlin keeps bringing up about how the Estate Tax cut that never had public support until they called it the "Death" tax. Then people started changing their thoughts about getting taxed after death.

But I don't think that I should deprive my few readers of the tidbits I am sharing with the big bloggers. so here are a couple of things from the email.

Just got to your piece about Kent Conrad possibly joining the faction.

well I have a quote from him I got from this website:

You have to search for Conrad down the list.

``They're talking about raiding the Social Security trust fund to fund
privatization in part. That's double-dipping. That's double-counting. That's
exactly what's going to get us into trouble
,'' North Dakota Sen. Kent Conrad
(news - bio - voting record), the ranking Democrat on the Senate Budget
Committee, told reporters.

This was from a report by Randall Mikkelsen (reuters) February 26th (I assume
2001). I don't have Lexis Nexus but I am sure you do. I am sure a quick
search for that article will get you a copy of it. Unfortunately the link on
the site has expired so I can't corroborate it.

In performing another search for Randall Mikkelsen

I found this site:

``It's absolutely essential that we work together to put a growth plan in place
to create jobs for hard-working Americans. It starts with having a responsible
budget that meets our nation's obligations without affecting Social Security or
dipping into Social Security
,'' Bush said.

This was from a report Mikkelsen filed on September 7th 2001. Just days before
sept. 11. (not that that matters much just interesting).

But that first Social security site led me to this interesting article from

Apparently if politicians are using the word private they are in violation.

IOW..."they didn't get the memo" hardy har har

As for Mikkelsen I think you might be able to get something on him with lexis I
tried the reuters site and didn't find much.

Those of you who don't read Marshall's blog here are some points to consider regarding the email above.

Josh is gathering a faint haearted faction list of democrats who are for privatization.
He is also having a bit of a contest for T shirts if you catch reporters or any politician or pundit for that matter, changing their tune from using private accounts to using personal accounts.

The Bush quote is cute because by privatizing part of Social Security it is by definition "dipping into Social Security."

All this stuff is from way back in Bushies 1st term. Really cute stuff. Funny how history is repeating itself.
Look out for terrorist attacks in the fall.