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Saturday, October 02, 2004

Bush Lies in the debate

Ok folks, this is a quick one, just wanted to highlight a couple of Bush's lies during the debate. Small but since they are a part of the Iraq conflict I thought it would be important to point them out.

One of Kerry's big plans for Iraq is training Iraq's own security forces.

During the debate Bush said that there were already 100 thousand of Iraq's security forces trained. That sounds pretty substantial since we have 130,000 troops there. So I said, well that is a great sign, that means they could practically keep the peace themselves right? It would be if Bush didn't lie.

FACT CHECK this is a must see link folks. As of September 21st, there are only 38,000 of Iraq's security forces trained. There are 49,000 that are on the force but not trained.

"The Iraqi police have at least enough weapons for each police officer to have a gun, but there are less than 6,000 police vehicles, about 25 percent of what is needed. Similarly, there are fewer than 14,000 radios, one-fifth of what is needed, and only 44,000 sets of body armor, according to the Pentagon's latest statistics on Iraqi security forces."

First response is almost non-existent. Sorry Bush you lied to us again.

Why the hell am I apologizing for this man? Well someone has to if he doesn't.

Another lie, he actually mentioned that the UN peace keepers were invited to the conflict in Iraq. REALLY? When was this, why didn't this make headlines? The UN pissed on us?

Try to google it yourself. You are sure to find what I found. Lots of articles stating that the US DID NOT invitee the UN and we were the ones who pissed on them.

So there you have it folks, a nice short post for ya to see how much your president cares about you.