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Friday, October 01, 2004

Got Nukes?

This week Vice Foreign Minister of North Korea Choe Su Hon threatened the world anew with specific information regarding the extent of North Korea's nuclear weapons program (the story).

Let's talk WMD's who really has them? Funny how we are digging around in Iraq, so far every hole we think they may be in happens to be filled with dead Kurds. No weapons. But just like American's like it, conveniently, North Korea did the searching around for us, and they even told us they had them, how many of them there are and how many of them there will be if we don’t get directly involved in the conversation that has been going on with N. Korea, China, and Japan.

Let's hear what Choe Su Hon said:

"[North Korea] had no other option but to possess a nuclear deterrent because of U.S. policies were designed to eliminate North Korea and make it a target of pre-emptive nuclear strikes. Our deterrent is, in all its intents and purposes, the self-defensive means to cope with the ever increasing U.S. nuclear threats and further prevent a nuclear war in northeast Asia. North Korea is still ready to dismantle its nuclear program if Washington abandons its hostile policy and is prepared to peacefully coexist. However, the ever intensifying U.S. hostile policy and the clandestine nuclear-related experiments recently revealed in South Korea constitute big stumbling blocks and make it impossible for North Korea to participate in the continuation of six-nation talks on its nuclear program."

What is in your nukes?

"We have already made clear that we have already reprocessed 8,000 wasted fuel rods and transformed them into arms."

Yeah but everybody has some wasted fuel rods, why should we think you aren't just putting us on? Like it’s not like you weaponized this nuclear material right?

Choe said, "We declared that we weaponized this."


Well Bushy I think we found the WMD's for ya. They are on the other side of the world. You are way off. Sorry president Bush. You goofed.

At least Colin Powell and Tony Blair have come around. That's right the guy who went to the UN to make the case for ware, you know our Secretary of State. Colin Powell said this week that the situation in Iraq worsening. (fact check)

Our biggest ally going into the big blunder in Iraq, Prime Minister of Britain, Tony Blair stated "The evidence about Saddam having actual biological and chemical weapons, as opposed to the capability to develop them, has turned out to be wrong. I acknowledge that and accept it." (fact check)

So it seems the even our allies are coming around on the fact that the intelligence was wrong about Iraq. Much like most ex CIA analysts have said even to Bush before the war. S

o the first debate is under our belts and at first glance it seems that Kerry won the debate. Making Bush look dumbfounded, upset, wriggly, and lacking substance in his answers. That is what a good debater does. So Kerry is a good debater. Kerry brought up North Korea and nuclear proliferation as the biggest threat to our national security. Bush was stuck on his beat down of Kerry as a mixed message sender, or flip-flopper. Kerry was wise enough to state that it is one this to have conviction and it is another to admit that those convictions are wrong.

In the age of media spin and corporate opinions being pushed into our heads some things in that debate on foreign policy were not brought up.

How about Bush's failed Road Map to Peace between Israel and Palestine. How can this country be so arrogant as to completely ignore the Israeli Palestinian conflict in a debate on foreign policy?

I like Jim Lehrer, he runs one of the last fair and balanced news programs left in this country. However, it pains me that this issue was not brought up.

Here are a couple of facts for the average American to ingest:

The United States has supported Israel since its inception as a country in 1948.

In 1952 the US gave Israel its first monetary support with $65 million bucks. This was to help them take in Holocaust survivors. Within 3 years the population doubled with European refugees to a total of 1.25 million Jews in Israel.

Since its inception as a country Israel has received a total of 49+ billion dollars in military grants, and 30.5 billion in economic grants (free money). All other aid totals less than a billion dollars.

Every year since 1977 aid has totaled at least 2 billion, and this year alone it looks like at least 3 billion in aid will be granted to Israel. (fact check)

In 2003 the US gave a total of $15 billion in total foreign aid. That means almost 1/3 of United States foreign aid went directly to Israel. (fact check)


Perhaps the thing that the terrorists hate the most is any and all presence of a secular government or its ideals or its surrogates in an area that is deemed holy by the doctrine they believe.

I mean isn't die hard Christians that hate the notion of gay marriage? Isn't it the die hard Christians that hate the fact that they CAN'T display their 10 commandments in public places? Isn't it the die hard Christians our forefathers were trying to protect us from by drafting the Constitution of the United States of America?

Well it is the Die Hard Christians who will continue to send our sons and daughters Die Hard in Iraq, Afghanistan, and any other country this "Inspired by God" leader and his croneys will continue to invade, on false pretenses. Meanwhile, North Korea and other "rogue nations" continue to build up their defenses against our divine army.

How can our country promote peace while at war? How can our country defend against nuclear proliferation when we are the ones building and expanding our nuclear armament?

Bush said mixed messages a whole lot during the debate. Accusing Kerry of sending mixed messages. Looks to me that Bush is the one sending the mixed messages to the world.

Fighting for peace by waging war. Spreading freedom by occupying and invading other nations. Condemning nuclear proliferation while expanding our own nuclear armament. (fact check)