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Monday, September 27, 2004

Aren't They All The Same?

In an effort to draw contrast that the media seems to fail to do, I will dedicate the next couple of postings to the differences in all three candidates for president.

I will tackle one issue per post and I will attempt to post more often on more and more issues in the coming weeks leading up to November 2nd.

Since the media in general worries itself more about hurricanes and Dan Rather's culpability/credibility (ignoring the real story behind Rathergate which is of course the President's credibility) than the issues that should be covered in such an important election, let's see if I can help all you undecided or decided voters be a little more interested in the whole process of picking someone to lead our country in the next four years.

Beyond the stump speeches and sound bites we hear everyday it is important to get to the nitty gritty. The actual "plans" that these candidates are proposing in their stump speeches.

Since lots of the issues have massive quantities of facts associated with them, each issue will get a post describing these facts. This way you voters can all make an informed decision on whether or not the issue is important to you.

MOST IMPORTANTLY VOTE! If you are one of those people who don't think your vote counts its probably because you don't vote. EVERY VOTE COUNTS. Ask Floridians if their vote doesn't count. Ask black people, or women, gay people, or senior citizens if they don't think their vote counts. Fact is if you don't vote YOU don't count in the eyes of politicians. If you pay taxes and you are interested where those tax dollars are going to, the only way to do that is to either write letters to your elected officials, or VOTE. Take it from a letter writter, it takes a lot less time to vote. If you are not yet registered to vote you can do so here: