Media in Trouble: All the news thats UNfit to print!: Cat Stevens International Man of Mystery

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Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Cat Stevens International Man of Mystery

So Cat Stevens was coming over from the good ole UK. Wanted to go to Washington DC. Plane gets diverted to Bangor Maine. He gets taken off the plane and delays the flight for everyone else 4 HOURS.

This should have been considered a terrorist act all in itself. I travel a lot and being held up for 4 HOURS when your a smoker can lead you to lean towards killing someone. At least an accomplice to terrorism.

So what happened? How did Cat Stevens become listed in the NO FLY LIST. The ominous Patriotic Act that has allowed even my ex-colleague to get questioned for being on a business trip with me. I was never assumed to be an accomplice though. THANK GOD for that.

So I have seen first hand what these stoppages are all about. You get stalled at the check in counter (better than the gate) then they just act nice to you while they check with the FBI. I mean TSA. Sorry I digress. (get used to it bloggers)

So Cat Stevens with his beard and no guitar he didn't even have guitar strings to choke anybody with by the way. I mean I have carried my guitar on flights all around this country. Nobody ever checked me out with at least 6 strings all easily with the tensile strength to stop a person breathing. Maybe even just enough width to cause a pretty severe laceration. Not to mention the nice hard wood neck and belly. Thank God my name isn't CAT STEVENS, I mean Yusuf Islam.

So I did some research on this guy, cuz I didn't believe Cat would have changed his name I mean for real. Ok he's a Muslim now but you mean he pulled an Amaad Rashaad on us?

So it turns out you can clearly see this guy Yusuf Islam has been doing WAY too much good in the world with his last Islamic 25 years. Opened up schools, took in orphans (2500 of them) holy Allah. This guy makes a terrorist sound like a good hearted person right?

Not to mention Sean Hannity said he was a terrorist because he disliked Salman Rushdie so much he argued for his execution. So this guy writes a book about Satan and Satanic Rituals etc. He is also a Muslim. But Hannity is now on his side? Hmmm. .. What about Michael Moore, I mean he isn't a Muslim. He is from Michigan. But Hannity I bet wishes he was dead.

So Cat IS a terrorist. There is no doubt about it, this guy needs to ride on his peace train next time around. (I couldn't resist the pun). But wait, we missed a perfectly good point here.

Cat is English now. Or I mean always was until he became Muslim right? So that means he may be a spy for England. Or if he is a terrorist OBVIOUSLY on his way to a good casing of DC, does that mean England are good ole buddies helpin us out in Iraq HAVE TIES TO TERRORISTS? Or are they HARBORING TERRORISTS? Why wasn't he arrested? Why was he allowed on the plane in the first place? Isn't homeland security supposed to PREVENT terrorists from getting aboard planes? Did he have ties to Saudi's? Dear lord. What are we to do now?

On principle alone we should get our asses out of Iraq. We are fighting along side the enemy. IN A FOREIGN COUNTRY no less. I mean if there is such a threat to terrorism occurring again in this country (judging by what Dick Cheney says, you know, if we make the wrong choice...). Why not just have us attack ourselves. Apparently the US is teeming with 'em. And now we are importing them from England, in the form of Rock Hippie turned Buddhist, turned Taoist, turned Muslim turned philanthropist and of course turned TERRORIST.

Muslims of the US Sorry. From the bottom of my heart, you would think that after doing the same to the Japanese, and Germans, we would know better.

Thanks Hannity for the in depth analysis of Cat Stevens. TERRORIST AT LARGE.

"The Koran makes it clear, if someone defames the Prophet, then he must die. The backlash over reports that I'd supposedly endorsed the death sentence that Islamic fundamentalists had levied against Salmon Rushdie for the alleged blasphemy of The Satanic Verses hurt quite a lot because that whole episode was taken out of context. But it was merely a reiteration of scriptural principle, not a literal call to action. And there are elements within the press who really have no loyalty to anybody except a good headline. If you were to ask somebody, 'What does the Bible say about adultery?' they would have to quote chapter and verse -- that's the honest thing to do. And you'd find bits in the Bible that say you should stone the person. Now, that means the President of the United States is eligible for stoning. That doesn't mean anybody's gonna do that!" - Cat Stevens