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"The information of the people at large can alone make them safe, as they are the sole depositary of our political and religious freedom." --Thomas Jefferson 1810

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Security Moms?

Alright maybe I am gonna be overdoing it for some people with this one. But I don't care since the Hannities, Limbaughs and O'Reillys don't care about liberals anyway.

This may sound Seinfeldesque so Jerry forgive me but...

Who are these security moms?

What is this crap I see on my TV about some soccer mom/ piano mom/ karate mom/ MOM in Kansas worried about her kids getting targeted by terrorists. These are the moms that supposedly in the same breath as Michelle Malkin put it in one of her columns "...married with two children... own a gun... and worry about safety of [their] home."

How can you own a gun and feel safe at home. OK first tip for the security moms, GET RID OF THE GUN. In 2002, there were 13,053 kids injured by a firearm fact check and hundreds of others are killed by firearms.

Do you know how many American kids died as a result of terrorism since 1941... NONE!

I think this makes my case pretty strongly. So Security moms in Kansas kiss my ass and get rid of the gun. I was closer to any building that got hit by a terrorist that you will be in your gated community. Terrorists will not strike you out in the Midwest. The terrorists targets are way bigger than your gated community. What will they prove by hitting suburbia... that they hate us for our freedom to have cable TV on a widescreen TV with HDTV and the SUNDAY TICKET?

COME ON PEOPLE. Wake up. Terrorists struck the WTC and the pentagon because those three buildings represented America's strongest and possibly the most dangerous entities our Finances and our Defense.

Not your SUV or your Minivan and definitely not your dog or your kid.

They know who the real evil in this country is and its not you.

So get rid of your gun before your kid blows their head off or worse your kids friends head off and get out there and do the one thing you can do to make this country safer... Take your tax cut, buy a hybrid car, some food, water and duct tape you know just in case and ...

Vote Bush OUT!

While I am at it lets talk about the plans the candidates have to keep the "Security Moms" safe:


  • His main plan is to establish peace in the middle east between Israel and Palestine. He doesn't seem to have made the war on terror a bullet point in his website but Nader has been an activist for peace for a very long time and actually here is a fun fact about Nader.
  • In 1991 Nader proposed to the FAA in 1976 that cockpit doors be made impenetrable. You know like they did after 9/11.


  • At the core of Kerry's national security plan is rebuilding the bridges that Bush burned by going into Iraq alone
  • He wants to strengthen our military by modernizing the armed forces (that's right all the bills he voted for cutting arms forces were for outdated and costly military systems which by the way most of the bills were sponsored or supported by Cheney)
  • Kerry will strengthen the Intelligence Community by putting more spies out there.
  • Kerry will also invest in alternative energy resources so we wont have to depend on the middle east for oil. Which by the way is the major source of hatred and economic problems we are facing right now (you know $50 bucks a barrel).


  • Stay the course
  • Pre-emptively strike any country that has alleged (but not proven) ties to terrorism and nuclear weapons. Somehow, Iraq with all these sanctions imposed on them and with our planes flying reconnaissance missions all over Iraq since 1992 we somehow had the impression that he had the capability to buy these arms and somehow outsmart all those recon pilots.
  • Increase our dependency on Middle East oil
  • Forget all about his road map for peace. What happened to that? That seemed like Bushes only attempt at creating peace between Israel and Palestine. Oh well must have fell by the waist side.
  • Under fund and under staff the intelligence agencies. Somehow, over 123,000 hours of terrorist related intelligence recordings SINCE 9/11 have gone without translation at the FBI. Also over 370,000 hours of counter intelligence has gone by the waist side as well. fact check
  • Appoint a National Intelligence CZAR called Porter Goss who was a Republican Congressman who has been a buddy of Cheney's for a long time. (don't forget this is one of Bushes biggest flip flops. He was opposed to having an intelligence Czar. I am as well since it only increases the size of bureaucracy in our government and intelligence community. However, if political pressures forced me to I would get an independent guy without a tarnished past.)
  • Be for Homeland Security Office after he opposed it.
  • Keep the Patriot Act alive and well so that he could dig into your records and privacy without needing a warrant or a just reason. Hope you guys aren't hiding anything cuz they'll find it if you are.
  • Be against the 9/11 commision before you are for it and go into their hearing with your buddy Cheney at your side just to keep you honest?
  • Keep his ties with the Saudi Royal family alive and well. You know the 19 hijackers were really Saudi's not Iraqis or Afghanis.
  • And finally, what will Bush do to keep you safe? GO ON VACATION before and after receiving Presidential Daily Briefings (that's right Kerry never saw this one) that say "BIN LADEN DETERMINED TO ATTACK IN THE US"

Way to keep us safe W.