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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Morris County, Wake UP!

One of your Assembly men is totally ignorant when it comes to stem cell research From Fred Snowflack:
Assemblyman Michael P. Carroll, R-Morris Twp., knows that [stem cells are a player in this fall's election]. He recently sent out a fundraiser letter in which he said he was the only one of four candidates in the District 25 Assembly race to be endorsed by the New Jersey Right to Life Political Action Committee.

In seeking financial support, Carroll raised the prospect of "fetal farming."

If you are not familiar with the concept, here's how Carroll describes it in the Oct. 5 letter:

"Advocates of stem cell research, unhappy with being restricted simply to embryonic stem cells, now propose to use fetal stem cells. Securing those cells requires pregnancy. This means deliberately cloning human beings, implanting the eggs in a woman, and starting a pregnancy. Perhaps immediately before birth, the pregnancy would be (very carefully) aborted and the child's parts harvested for use by its adult clone."

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Snowflack rightly described this notion as
"more than the "slippery slope" argument. It's more like falling off the cliff."

Snowflack goes into Codey's legislative proposition describing that cloning in New Jersey would be illegal if and only iff the clone in question was implanted into a uterus, and allowed to grow until birth.

However, this need not be the debunking of Carroll's idiodic assumptions.

The University of Wisconsin has a neato dorito graphic that let's us know where embryonic stem cells come from.
Click to see super sized version

Notice no babies or feti in the picture? U of Wis is also kind enough to demonstrate a movie of the evil stem cells growing at this link.

Again, notice, no babies. No pregnant mothers. No implating of eggs in women. No birthing of any kind. And perhaps most important to teaching Assemblyman Michael Carroll a crash course in stem cell research, NO ABORTIONS!

Sorry Mr. Carroll, I hope your voters realize they are voting for someone who takes stances on issues without first educating himself on these issues.

While we are on it, Mr. Carroll, please check out the side bar links graciously provided by the University of Wisconsin:

Nova Explores Stem Cells

Stem cell basics (National Institutes of Health)

Information for researchers from NIH

NIH stem cell information

Of course, I am fortunately NOT part of Mr. Carroll's constituency, but perhaps those of you who are can write him some letters. Tell him you would rather someone get some basic information on an issue before writting silly misleading fundraising letters. Perhaps you can ask if he votes on issues without educating himself also, since that does actually damage your legislative district.