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Saturday, October 29, 2005


Bonus weekend post.

Atrios gloriously reminds us of a Jonah Goldberg piece written in the height of the "deter liberal thought crimes" era that we all lived under not too long ago.

It is a piece about how liberal thought criminals at the time were basically comparing Bush to Hitler and the Nazi's.

I thought it interesting though, that as is typical in most right wing websites, there is always a section where you can buy right wing propaganda for a neato discount. This comes at the bottom of the in the NRO piece linked to above.

If you are lucky enough, when you scroll down you will find one of the propaganda paraphernalia they are selling is this:

Granted the link for you to buy the "The Liberal Most Wanted Deck" of cards is not longer operative. Which is unfortunate because, as you can see above, the Ace of Spades is Hillary the evil lesbian Clinton.

The deck of cards, eerily resembles another deck of cards that the entrepreneurs supporting the Iraq Phase of the Eternal War to Resubjugate Brown People put on the market at the time:

Notice who the Ace of Spades is in this deck? Here is a hint.

Somehow, in the spotless mind of Jonah Goldberg, equating Bush to Hitler = bad, equating Hillary to Saddam = good.