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Friday, October 28, 2005

Wanna watch reporters look stupid?

Click here. I fear that may not work so go to C-SPAN and search of the "lewis Libby Indicted" link.

It amazes me that the media didn't fine tune their legal chops before going into this thing. You would think that they would have retained some stuff they learned about grand juries in the late 90's. I know they were perhaps just trying to squeeze as much info as they did out of the guy, but Fitz just waltzed all over them, and any legal questions were returned with an I can't comment or if you knew the rules you wouldn't ask that question in the first place kinda thing. Also noteworthy, was how well he answered questions about the "seriousness" of the charges, and the fact that he trounced and trampled upon any partisan pin the gang of 500 tried to pin on him. He was dismissing talking points left and right. He said, anyone hoping this has to do with the war will be dissapointed, and anyone thinking I am a partisan hack they are full of it too. Can we rename him Patrick "just the facts" Fitzgerald?

Point is, this guy ain't done yet, and until he is, more breath holding. For now, we know that Libby is gonna have to sing like a song bird and straighten this whole thing out, unless of course, he's willing to go to the pokey for whoever he was covering up for with all the lies and deciet.

You can read the indictment here (pdf).

Merry Fitzmas and a Happy New Year!