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Monday, October 31, 2005

Saving Money That Isn't Being Spent

How the hell can you justify putting 300,000 people into starvation?
Moreover, how can this still be the party of moral family or any values?
About 300,000 Americans would lose benefits due to tighter eligibility rules for food stamps, the major U.S. antihunger program, under the House plan. The cuts would be part of $3.7 billion pared from Agriculture Department programs over five years as part of government-wide spending reductions.

I hope to god they are going to cut some of the subsidies that go disproportionately to corporations like ADM?

This is a crime particularly since:
Antihunger activists said hunger rates were up for the fifth year in a row, so the cuts were a mistake.

Also affected are imigrants and children:
On food stamps, the House committee agreed to require immigrants to wait seven years, instead of the current five, to apply for aid. That would affect an estimated 70,000 people.

It also would deny food stamps to people who automatically get food stamps because they receive help through other welfare programs but whose income is above food stamp levels. About 225,000 people fall in that category.

North Dakota Democrat Earl Pomeroy complained that 40,000 children would lose free meals at school because of that provision.

So why? What can possibly be the justification for these cuts? Well according to Rush Limbaugh the food stamps aren't being used anyway.

Far be it from me to be some sort of government actuary, but even if Limbaugh was right, isn't money not being spent equal to budget savings?