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Friday, October 28, 2005

Stem Cell Ad

I realize that I will probably get some beef for criticizing the "Carl ad" that was recently released by the Corzine campaign, but hear me out. I know the papers are already all over this one, I am also aware that Mr. Riccio himself has put out a statement that says he does not feel like a political prop. I am also fully aware that Doug Forrester is a constant flip-flopper on the stem cell issue, first being for only adult stem cell research, then changing his mind in the recent debate to being for stem cell research, and finally leaving it up to his trusty assistant Sylvester the cat to tout his position is that he doesn’t want any funding for any stem cell research.

I wont qualify myself any further. If you are a regular reader you know where my politics lie.

However, I have to agree with David Rebovich:
It's an emotional ad, certainly, and one wonders if it's too much, if it goes too far," said David Rebovich, a political analyst at Rider University in Lawrenceville. "He's leading in the polls. Does he have to use a young person in a wheelchair to draw a distinction between his position and Forrester's?
This is my contention with the ad. I am viewing it from a purely politically scientific standpoint. I am all for red meat and I hate when Democrats pussy foot around in their campaigns. However, this ad strikes me as cheap.

Another reason for my disputing the ad is the timing of it. Corzine is well ahead of Forrester in this race. He isn'’t in desperate need of votes to take to dichotomizing himself with Forrester. If anything, stem cell research is one issue where the dichotomizing is required.

Jon Corzine'’s position on stem cells is better than the icky feeling this ad leaves in my tummy. He posits that with a little state funding in the proper embryonic arm of stem cell research, you get an Apollo type response in the free market. NJ being Pharma-alley is a prime location for being the birthplace of the potential that embryonic stem celPossessess.

Does NJ really need reminding that the creation of the Food and Drug Act resulted in most of the Pharmaceutical job opportunities that have blessed this state? Creating a funding source for our excellent schools and pharmaceutical institutions would result in a similar boom in stem cell economy. Embryonic Stem cells are this generation's Human Genome Project. This is what Jon Corzine believes.

A simpler more digesteable ad that would have the same basic red meat feeling would be to have a doctor describing the potential benefits of embryonic stem cell research. Then following that with some potential economical impacts of such research on state funds… (possibly even link it to lower property taxes). Then finish off with some nasty GONG sound and Doug Forrester's multiple remarks that I highlighted above.

Or just have Doug Forrester windsurfing and call him a flip-flopper on the issue. Highlight his statements and call it a day.

If Corzine wants to make powerful statements he just did. However, this was a bit risky when he has so much going for him.

It is an ad that unnecessary, cheap, and worse, it opens Crozine up for attacks from the right and the press. Just look at all the articles discussing this ad, all in a negative tone, and unfortunately, they were all from a standpoint that the average Joe joe would and could agree with. While staunch liberals have already defended this ad, let me be the first liberal to say, it was a not so great move.

Let us hope the polls don't reflect my opinion.