Media in Trouble: All the news thats UNfit to print!: 1 year

"The information of the people at large can alone make them safe, as they are the sole depositary of our political and religious freedom." --Thomas Jefferson 1810

Thursday, September 22, 2005

1 year

Happy Blogiversary to me.

1 year ago I wrote this.

Yep. At that point I was pissed at the TV. I realize there are lots of others like me out there in bloglandia.

But I have made the acquaintance of Matt Stoller, and Oliver Willis, along with lots of other folks from the indy blogs list on the right.

A year ago I wouldn't think I would have gotten an average of over 1,000 people reading my blatherings a month.

I wouldn't think I would have 30 faithfuls a day. I didn't think I was anywhere near as good a writer as most other folks in this great electronic universe.

But I was satisfied with my mediocrity because I thought I saw things that others didn't. I still hold fast. And hey if anything I have educated some of my friends to the not so newsworthy news.

As well as the newsworthy un-news. And all things in between.

I have even started a dead blog. The main reason I haven't started my homebrew blog.

Anyway after Katrina, I really thought about packing it in. I really thought, fuck it, nobody's reading, and even if they are, it doesn't make a difference.

I don't know if I will turn the chips in, but this place is nto a friendly one. And the left does not like boosting its little people though they constantly preach that the government should do things for poor people that they can't do for themselves.

I agree, but the big guys ain't really willin'. I guess that's ok.

The bright side is that I haven't lost my job over this, and the job hasn't gotten too demanding that I have had to choose it over the blog.

So I guess I will keep on keepin' on until it does. Either that or until I become totally apathetic. After all, politics is just another religion. Having faith that other men with a louder voice, or a pen that signs laws will make change. This blogging stuff basically is a venue for yelling at those guys. In the end you have to wonder.

Is there anybody OUT THERE. Is this really making a difference.

Ah fuck it. I make my own beer dammit. And I know more shit about politics than I ever did.

It's my blogiversary and I'll be damned happy on it.

Let's see how many comments I get on this one.