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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

LIVE BLOGGING: Corzine v. Forrester Debate

keep Refreshing:

Early on I thought I heard a cap gun like sound go off. Someone should confirm this.

8:17PM Ok so far, Forrester has his usual used car salesman appearance. Sen. Corzine, the great man that he is, he is being a bit long winded. But his wonkishness almost warrants his constant licking of his upper lip.

8:18 Corzine is looking dare I say it stage Frightened? Plus he is resisting the "Read My Lips" shit. Shit! Red Alert Red Alert!!!

He said raise taxes.

8:19 Bob Ingle is moderating?@LEKJFLSK WTF?!?!

8:20 Forrester busts out the "Corzine's pals in Trenton" How does a DC Democrat have links to State Level Democrats.

8:20 Corzine is recovering by facing his voting record straight on! Go Corzine! Democrats take heed.

UPDATE: 8:22 Forrester is denying wanting not answering on the Lease the TP and PKWY questions. HA! He has already denied the possibility.

8:27 Corzine does decently regarding his faux Democratic Connections.

8:30 Caitlin Gurney looks like a teenager.

8:31 Corzine is not doin' so hot! Is he chemically compromised? They are poisoning him!

8:32 Corzine is pro AC wants to compete with Vegas. I don't know how I feel about that.

8:35 Forrester fails once again to outline how and what exactly 30 in 3 is.

8:41 Advertizing is over. Must pay attention now. Looks like Corzine is discussing a loop around the Nuke Plant. Homeland Emergency Czar? Trippin up Senator. Someone make sure the Senator gets some Vallum next time.

8:43 Corzine says he is for the nuke plant as long as it is safe from a homeland security standpoint and from an environmental standpoint. SMART ANSWER!

8:44 Forrester is blaming McGreevey for everything. I don't think this stuff can stick to Corzine. It hasn't so far this night even when asked about it directly.

Corzine may recover. But he has to stay sharp!

8:45 Forrester on Stem Cells. For it. In a big way. UPDATE: For only Adult Stem Cells.

8:46 Corzine reminds us that Frist and Hatch of all people are for Stem Cells.
He is for it in a big way as well but didn't explain it as well as Forrester.

8:47 Reminder I am a liberal crazy lunatic Democrat. I am just calling them like I'm seeing them.

8:49 Matt is way better at this. Go there!

8:50 Talking about waste fraud and abuse. Forrester. Uhm Lots of Uhms. HE is against a hockey arena in Newark. SO is Corzine.

I agree.

8:53 Smoking Ban. Corzine for. Except in AC.

Forrester is Against? Sort of.

If I didn't know any better I would say Forrester is saying the right things tonight.
It ain't affecting me. But it may affect some.

8:55 Bob Ingle is angainst bears. He is for arming bears Bearing Arms. But against saving the Bears. Forrester is against bears as well. Corzine is for Protecting Bears!

8:56 Some breakfast joke by Forrester. Hey weren't there supposed to be a third party guy on tonight?


8:57 Corzine goes first. He's an optimist, still nervous. Home ownership, Health care for every child in the state. Tough ethics reform. Vision,plan, competency.

8:58 Forrester, Time now. Good, Efficient, and Honest. Three things Forrester is not. Best of all states. Take a whiff of the air Forrester.
Bright future asking for Bartles and James support.

And its a rap.