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Friday, September 16, 2005

Single Issue Groups RULE!

Kos and co. continue to piss me off with this single-issue-group crusade. It's fucking bullshit batshit, insanity, and propagates the political suicide of the Democrats. Kos, you may not realize this but there is a forrest beyond those trees. Its bullshit to try and merge or kill any group that doesn't automatically walk in lockstep with a single party or your own views for tha tmatter. This country is diverse in its thinking and its viewpoints and yes not many folks are single issue voters but many are. Until the death of single issue voters comes about, you cannot kill single-issue groups like NARAL.

NARAL scored a major victory in New York recently with the Plan B passing. Of course the Republican in Charge killed the bill, but that bill wouldn't even get there had it not been for NARAL. That is the plain and simple truth. MoveON didn't help that billl, nor did they espouse it support it or help lobby for it in any way!

Any movement works like this. If you are a multi-issue group, you may accomplish more simply because of the math, technology or whatever. The reason that Moveon is so goddamned successful is money. Plain and simple. Soros drops tons of money in and they garner the technology of the internets to make some more.

The reason Kos or anyone who thinks single issue politics should go to sleep is screwed in the head is because they only see the last 10 years. They are also so into kissing Democratic ass that they cannot possibly agree with anyone unwilling to pucker up. Way before 10 years ago, Democrats lost their nerve and lost their nutsacks. Had Democrats stood up for what they believed and actually had done some decent shit with the power they had, they wouldn't loose power. But they (like the current Republicans) squandered any high ground they had with corruption and the Republicans gained by pointing it out and making a mountain out of a mole hill. All the while the citizenry suffered. If it wasn't for single issue groups many issues would be politically dead as would their votes. This is a simple matter of history and it baffles me that Kos will point this history out when criticizing republicans, then ignore it when a fellow single-issue-group-cursader rears their head.

Blind support only gets you so far. Look at the Bankruptcy bill. Decmorats voted for it too! The reason politics makes strange bedfellows is because that is the game. If Democrats aren't doing what you want them to do the best thing to do is vote them out, or support the other guy! That is the definition of democracy and unfortunately a 2 party democracy cannot possibly espouse every viewpoint out there. Neither can politicians or interest groups for that matter. If Democrats want to try to be the opposition group they are supposed to be, they should back it up with their voting records. For when in the minority, it is the best way to document your views. Voting with Republicans, on Republican based bills, makes you more Republican. Also, just because a bill is written by a Democrat doesn't mean it contains Democratic ideals therein! That's where Democrats lost their groove.

I see the current political landscape in this country as a gamesh of groups. You have single issue groups like NARAL keeping Democrats honest by not showing blind support. If Democrats want to win back NARAL's support they just have to talk NARAL's game. Then you have multi-issue groups which support single issues but are less fervent about it. This is understandable because they choose to have more on their plate. The multi-issuers are great but they are not better than single issue groups. And no matter what the group, if politicians aren't supporting them with their vortes/bills/ Sunday Talk appearances, then they are on the political treadmill and getting nowhere.

NARAL is a great group, it is one of few (or many) that are fighting for women's rights.


The fact that there is still a large movement (which includes Democrats) pushing against women's right to choose what her and her doctor should do about their uterus, NARAL needs to fight and fight as hard as they damned well please. Moveon cannot possibly match NARAL's passion about women's rights. WHen was the last time Eli Pariser sent an email pushing for the Equal Rights Ammendment? More importantly, when was the last time someone with power or with ambitions for power brought up the ERA?

This is so far gone that I had to learn about it form a PBS Independent Lens movie that came up during women's month or something.

I had never heard about it yet, it happened during my younger years. Women everywhere were pushing organizing, voting, screaming, convening, writting, lobbying, for an equal rights ammendment. Hardly any Democrat spoke up for it, or made a good push for it.
It shouldn't be a surprise that women as a group are a political football up for grabs. But Democrats can easily gain ground by pushing the ERA. Yet they don't. ANd they don't all stand up for Plan B, and they wont. And they don't all stand up for Roe, and they wont.

Until they do, NARAL and others will do all these things and will push for reforms on the local level.

This is not what is loosing elections for Democrats. Democrats are loosing elections for Democrats. Until they and Kos and co. see that they will continue to loose.

You want a Democrat majority? Easy, go back in time dig up FDR's nutsack and surgically attach it to the party. While you are at it get a spine transplant too. Then put a guy who can talk this way up for election and see how he does.

You want to get rid of NARAL? Get their issue on the Democratic agenda, cuz it belongs there right at the top with the poor people.