Media in Trouble: All the news thats UNfit to print!: News Hour Hearts Pat Toomey

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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

News Hour Hearts Pat Toomey

Hands down winner of any wanker of the day contest, any golden winger awarding, and any upside down inverted coital grasp. Ladies and gentlemen I present to you....

Pat Toomey!

With a Co-Wankership award to The News Hour.

For enabling this mans oral launches of fecal matter or as I call them OLO FM (any potential radio station investors out there?) to be viewed and heard by millions of unsuspecting people.

So, who does one of the most serious name in Peabody award winning free TV news programs like The News Hour have on to discuss "How the Government Can Pay for Katrina?"

You guessed it Pat Toomey... The guy whose Clubmate has just been removed from the "Executive Office of The President."

The News Hour had this gentleman on to discuss what the federal government should do about the cost of New Orleans 2.0. This is the guy who has beers with the man whose greatest wish has just come true. Mr. Grover "My goal is to cut government in half in twenty-five years, to
get it down to the size where we can drown it in the bathtub
" Norquist.

Yes News Hour, let's inform the American public in a fair and balanced way about the intricacies of, and the governmental involvement in, this most Herculaen of economic situations, with a guy who would rather just do away with ANY and ALL economic function for government. PBS chooses a lobbyist who pushed a tax policy that is partly responsible for size of the federal deficit.

If having this pukeface Lobbyist on television to discuss government waste isn't so gastrointestinally terrible for you. When he opened what I confused to be a mouth for what was certainly an anus (judging by the contents), the vitriolic vomit that was the output should bring your nearest porcelain god come company.

Simply put, he doesn't think the richest folks should pay a cent.

Pat Toomey also thinks that Medicare or Medicaid are "entire[ly]... ill concieved" and "entirely on the table." That's newspeak for "the poor people (most of which are black) can kiss whatever piss poor medical care they were getting goodbye." He basically went on to desribe his willingness to cut just about any and all government spending except for the war on terra. Other things on the chop block according to Toomey, Prescription Drug Benefit (well if it goes back to what it was before they passed the law that isn't so bad but Toomey wasn't thinking this). Also on the list, FEMA (due to incompetence). I thought I heard him mumble something like "Fuck Rita."

Off the chop block is of course, Tax cuts for the richest few. Citing the typical conservative wet dream involving the invisible hand giving the economy the invisible hand-job.

Pat Toomey. The guy who just saw one of his buddies go to jail. The first thing I read this week was about a President's Ex-Aide being Arrested... Despite the Kornblut byline, the headline instantly prompted me to read this before filling my head with the typical breakfast of leftist propaganda from the filthiest of propagandists and the slimiest of slanderers. You know who you are...

I realized then that CNN had slightly mentioned the issue in passing. Something I would have missed had I not been on my third sip of coffee by the time I could actually comprehend sensory input. Thank you flying spaghetti monster for making it so.

Anyway, I digress, I read up on Pat Toomey's Co-Member of Club-For-Growth. Mr. David Salsafraz. The next thing I read was something TPM pointed out an old Wapo story. El Presidente Pat Toomey's fellow Club for Growther, Grover Norquist. All of three of them bosom buddies. Criminals hanging with criminals. It's like the frekin Soprano's.

So let's square this off one more time, with a cute metaphor.

Imagine the Newshour discussing "problems" and how to "get rid of 'em" with Tony Soprano. Sometimes the person's name pretty much says it all.

UPDATED: For Clarity and Perhaps readability as well as general editing stuff.