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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

The APP Interviewees: A Closer Look

With all the latest controversy surrounding the NJ Gubernatorial campagn the Asubury Park Press takes to the street to find out what "common people" are saying about the controversy, let's start with John Lebrio
"In fact, residents interviewed on Friday said their opinions of Corzine haven't changed, despite a torrent of stories in the state's major newspapers and chatter on the state's political Web sites questioning potential conflicts of interest.

'You have to wonder was this coincidence or was this done for other reasons that would be obvious to a lot of other people,' said John Lebrio, 56, a retired bus driver for the New York City Transit Authority. 'I can't give you an answer one way or another. Absolutely, it makes one wonder.'"

Lebrio, a registered Republican who said he would vote across party lines, said he hasn't decided how he feels about this week's news reports.

Just your local regular run of the mill retired NYC bus driver who happens to be a registered Republican. A regular old Ralph Cramden. Retired, chillin' and minorly upset about the current negativity surrounding the race.

What reporter Richard Quinn happens to miss is that well, John Lebrio is not simply a guy who comes home to Alice and occasionally threatens to send her to the moon. No, Mr. Lebrio is in fact a former Candidate for the local School Board. Someone who oposed a slight 19 cent school tax increase.

19 cents?!

Only a wingnut could possibly be opposed to a 19 cent tax increase that will go towards the School System.

hehe. (hat tip to Matt)

However, it is not the only time the APP has gaffed to such an extent (besides the other times we have noted here at MIT)!

Why just yesterday reading through the Letters to the Editor section I found a beauty written by a teacher! (Perhaps someone who would be affected by the 19 cents John has a gripe about). I republish the letter in its entirity for your reading pleasure:
Remarks misconstrued

In good faith, I gave an interview to the Press for the July 11 "School's out" article. But my words were misconstrued. This gave a very negative tone toward my remarks about being a teacher.

Since I was in first grade, I wanted to be a teacher. It has been a lifelong dream and a passion of mine that I have made come true as a third-grade teacher in Freehold Township. I enjoy waking up in the morning to go to school and seeing my students' faces light up. I love my students and miss them during the summer months. Their success in life means a lot to me.

Taking a vacation to rejuvenate in the summer is good for anyone who is working, especially for teachers. Teachers should be recharged for the following school year.

I have a summer job because I like the change of pace. For someone who has just graduated college, it can be difficult to get started on your own, so having the extra income helps supplement the 10-month income of a teacher.

The Press reporter took my story and turned it around. I am offended by this article.

Erica Green


I would be pissed too if this is what a reporter like Matt Diamond had written this:
When her first year as a full-time teacher drew to a close, Erica Green was drained.

She taught third graders and always felt like she was on stage, performing. She had to act chipper no matter how bad she felt. And she often stayed late to grade papers and write lesson plans.

When the year was over, Green, 23, of Oceanport, was happy to take a desk job in the office at Sea Bright Beach Club, overseeing the reception area and mailing bills.

"The end of the year, you're like . . . thank God," Green said. "You're burned out."

So take home message: If the APP calls Hang UP, unless you are a Republican operative willing to get talking points published!