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Monday, August 08, 2005

Do De Do De Do De Do Du Do D

I am now officially part of the Carnival of New Jersey Bloggers. That of course means that I am getting indirectly Instalanched.

A Carnival in blogging is much like a Carnival in real life. It is a weekly collection of blog posts about just about anything, that Instapundit has made populer.

For the host of the event it most definitely means an Instalanche, for those of us included we get extra readers from the Instablogiverse. Also we get to read mroe about the topic at hand and meet other bloggers.

I am part of the Jersey bloggers carnival. Media In Trouble will host the Carnival on Christmas. This I find Ironic since I have renounced my christianity and have long become an atheist. It will be a Glorious Christmas!

Anyway that is why I am linking to this weeks Carnival host - Center For NJ Life.

Enjoy the rest of NJ's blogdom and look forward to the neato graphic to be added to the sidebar.