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Friday, August 05, 2005

Asbury Park Press - NJ's Own Fox News!

What a gem of an editorial chock full of goodies for me to snark upon! Let's begin the deconstruction shall we?
It should come as no surprise that prominent state Democrats in the camp of U.S. Sen. Jon S. Corzine, the Democratic gubernatorial candidate, have started piling on his Republican opponent, businessman Doug Forrester.
It certainly shouldn't! We are in a political campaign here aren't we? As far as I know only Doug Forrester sends me tidbits of email with snipits from articles attempting to dash the Senator's chances at running the humble state of New Jersey! I blog on Corzine's website and have no such piles of SPAM comming in almost daily!

So with the first shovel of BS out of the way, the pile gets softer, so get to work editors! What else have you got, fill the editorial less with obvious statements and more to-the-point thoughts. For you are charging a United States Senator of hypocrisy! Something the very man you are defending has been certianly caught being guilty of on many an occasion even by Republicans!
But it's galling to hear them chastising Forrester for allegedly profiting from no-bid contracts and pay-to-play contributions as majority owner of a prescription drug benefits management firm, which has more than 100 government clients in New Jersey. There isn't a Democrat in this state, in the Legislature or in Congress, who has a right to criticize anyone for pay-to-play — the practice of rewarding campaign contributors with no-bid contracts.
Galling? You poor editors! It is as if they have been placed in the position of Alex De Large in the Clockwork Orange fasion of forcing their eye or earlids open as they hear and watch these vile Democrats make these profound allegations. All of which are true!

Continue to elighten us OH great Editors of the Asbury Park Press Editorial Page!
Democrats in Trenton have not only perfected the practice, but have refused over the past 3 1/2 years of majority control to implement comprehensive reforms that would prohibit it. Their counterparts in Washington have done nothing to help cleanse the system. If Forrester is guilty of pay-to-play or benefiting from no-bid contracts — something the broadsides against Forrester have failed to demonstrate — Democrats have only themselves to blame for allowing it to happen.

Yes if it weren't for gun makers we wouldn't have school shootings either! Yet nobody blames them! Editors, please, you are making this too easy! Defending a guy who swears to combat pay-to-play while at the same time not only dipping in the process himself but making his fortune along the way! Of course it has to be the Democrats fault!

So Editors? Have you finished yet?! There must be more that you have to offer!
It's also disturbing that Corzine has hidden behind the skirts of his bomb-throwing surrogates. He may have correctly surmised that voters would pick up on the hypocrisy of accusing his opponent of spreading money around to buy influence. Corzine is the poster boy for lavishing campaign gifts on those he has sought to influence — mostly politicians whose support he needed to win the Democratic nomination for governor.

The rants against Forrester's alleged abuses have been led by Rep. Frank J. Pallone Jr., who called a press conference Monday at which he dubbed Forrester the "king of pay-to-play," and Rep. Robert Andrews, who began lobbing grenades on Friday. Both are hoping Corzine will appoint them to his vacant Senate seat should he become governor.
HA HA! Calling the kettle black?! Another fine tactic of those on the right! Calling others bomb throwers while in the midst of throwing bombs yourselves! Excellent tactic! I hope your houses are not made of glass!

Also, I'm no reporter but I do have some folks on the inside of things. My sources say Bob Menendez (my congressman) is the heir to the Corzine throne not some cronies in the State House! Besides if your allegations are correct editors, these guys would have to pay-to-play right? They would have to buy their way into Corzine's still warm Senate seat!
If there is any merit to the charges leveled against Forrester, it is not to be found in the half-dozen examples of pay-to-play cited by the Democrats. The contracts either predated the contributions he made or the contributions were made to government entitites that had no control over the awarding of the contract.

The attempt to portray Forrester as someone who has exploited New Jersey's corrupt political system is clearly designed to deflect attention from the Democrats' own sins — fighting off all attempts at meaningful ethics reform. Voters should not be fooled into thinking that the Democrats' criticism of Forrester in any way implies support for an overhaul of the way business is conducted in Trenton.

What a finish! Half dozen attempts? Six of one may be a Half Dozen of the other, but not when discussing hundreds of pay-to-play opporunities Mr. Forrester has so egregiously taken advantage of! Let's not forget the lovely examples Mr. Forrester would model his Government after! Perhaps the evil Democrats that have been fighting off attempts at cleaning up the place would have had amuch better time of it had folks like Forrester stopped slipping envelopes under the door! Corruption in government works very much as a supply and demand type of scale, if you don't believe that just look at how much the demand for corruption correlates with the supply of Republicans in Washington.

Psst! Asbury Park Editors! You should leave the bomb throwing to the profesionals, otherwise your poor attempts come accross as disgusting appologia for loosing politicians!