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"The information of the people at large can alone make them safe, as they are the sole depositary of our political and religious freedom." --Thomas Jefferson 1810

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Wass Goin' On MIT?

I don't usually get too personal on this blog for the simple reasons that I don't trust the interenets and the UNPATRIOTIC act. There are many other reasons not to trust the Internets and blogging of personal details.

Either way, I guess this is an exception and since I have already told most of the rest of my family and friends I guess its OK to tell the world now.

I got engaged about 2 weeks ago. There was some foreshadowing of this announcement from this post. Either way if you want the squishy details of it you can email me. Or leave comments and I can email you. But the main details were that we got engaged in Acadia National Park at Long Pond on Isle au Haut, on July 3rd, 2005. It was about as picturesque a moment as I could have imagined to ask my darlin' to marry me.

So that's it. I'm on that slippery slope of wedding mania. I now get to plan the type of party that I absolutely abhore attending. YEAY! The joys of familial politics, await me! My family is enormous and both myself and the fiance' want a small wedding. That means politically, I will have to somehow pull a W with this one. Cutting an invitee list down to a number below 100 in my case is like asking George Bush to personally address a crowd of anti-abortionists. While a move like that would and should have been politically expedient, perhaps I should take a page from Bush and have folks call into the wedding by phone. Like some kind of strange teleconference.

Either way, the party will be kick ass, and it will be in the National Park in Maine. So the food and scenery are sure to be excellent.

In other news, Sgt. Pepper's Amber Ale has been bottled. In 4 weeks I will be able to know how I did with my first homebrewed batch of beer. However, even if it tastes like Sgt. Pepper's Bowel Movement Ale, I will not be dismayed. I am hooked on homebrewin! It's a glorious way of saving money and doing something the hard way. However, the rewards are enormous. I reccomend anyone to get a beer or winemaking kit and get goin in the wonderful world of fermentation. It ain't that hard, and if anything it tests your patience.

Ok folks thats about it, back to all things political!