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Friday, July 15, 2005

Corzine Teles Bloggers

Also blogworthy was that I was on a couple of Conference Calls with some high level folks. First I was on a conference call with Senator Harry Reid. it was a strange, yet well organized propaganda dump re: SCOTUS. It was nice but very one sided and the three questions they chose out of a pool of questions (that I had no imnput on whatsoever) were rather message friendly.

Then just yesterday Corzine came on the line with the lot of us NJ bloggers for Corzine. Professor Kim has a nice round up of the details of the conversation.

The beauty of it was that it was not once sided, it wasn't Corzine's way of dumping some messages or stumping us about. He was real human. It started out with all us bloggers waiting for him since he was voting on that hugely important Homeland Security bill. So it was pretty neato dorito sharing thoughts about other newsworthy things with other NJ bloggers. We talked Rove and shared link ideas (which I lazily have not blogged on any).

So the gaggle finally begun and Corzine was on the stump. He went on for a few minutes then opened it way up to questions. He allowed us the blogging few to ask him the larger than life Senator questions about his campagn his stances and other issues.

I got a question in about his environmental stance. His answer was largely the Democratic line and talked a bunch about weaning us off terrorist linked oil. He also said there was a bit of a contention regarding a nuke plant in Jersey. However, he isn't for "shooting from the hip" on that decision. I even got a follow-up question in when Corzine talked about alternative fuels.

I asked him if biodiesel was on his list of alternative fuels being considered. Shockingly, Corzine said what amounted to a not realy type answer. However, he said he was open to ideas and that we should call or email with those ideas. I got a final ", the fuel of the future" comment in and the questions continued.

Corzine continued and was eventually interupted by Michael Chertoff (head of DHS) whom perhaps was calling in response to Corzine zinging him on his plan to get more local and less federal with our transit security.

So the gaggle ended. The virtual news conference complete with virtual reporters came to a close. However, planting the biodiesel word in Senator Corzine's ear after introducing myself as Jorge from Media In Trouble well, that was a bit special. I had a direct line to a Senator and formated my question as a reporter would.

All this without a fedora.

So folks, since Senator Corzine doesn't know much about biodiesel, I will be sending him some information via his blog and perhaps via email.

Any ideas would be appreciated.