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Friday, July 15, 2005

Watergate Q & A

Bill in Comments asks a pertinent question demanding an answer:
I have perhaps a dumb question. Impeachment hearings, or any hearings at all (see the hearings recently held by the dems in the senate basement) cannot be called unless by the majority party in either the house or the senate? If this is true, how did they get the Watergate process started? Didn't the republicans carry both houses with the Nixon landslide over McGovern in 72? Please enlighten us!

I wouldn't call it a dumb question sir. However, great political Impeachments always occur with some political power. A bit of reserach into the Senate historical website lets us know that the 70's were Democratic majorities in the Senate. What more, after the Impeachment, they actually gained seats (which was also the case with the Republican adventure over Bubba's BJ). So you see Impeachments are great politcal ventures that lead to Senate majorities. I did't research the House mainly because I didn't need to.

For it was the late great Senator Ervin that begain the Watergate Hearings. Senator Ervin was also the man who brought down Joe McCarthy.

So you see the Watergate hearings originated in the Senate.

The Dems have no such political power. Since the Republicans are marching along lockstep like a bunch of lemmings, well there isn't much hope.

The next time we have a chance to take the Senate will be in 2006. Where fine examples of Republicans such as these:

Allen, George
Burns, Conrad
Chafee, Lincoln
DeWine, Mike
Ensign, John
Frist, Bill
Hatch, Orrin
Hutchison, Kay
Kyl, Jon
Lott, Trent
Lugar, Richard
Santorum, Rick
Snowe, Olympia
Talent, James
Thomas, Craig

Will be running for reelection. Most of those on the list are set to keep their seats. Although, if the right gets pissed off enough, they can try to get "real" republicans in the seats of Chafee, DeWine, and Snowe. It is doubtful.

As for the House, in the interest of space we like to this wiki 2006 may be the year. Hopefully the dems can take control.

Thanks for the challenge. I hope this answers your queries exhaustatively! Thanks for reading Bill! Try and talk some sense into Steve willya?!